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It looks like we dropped the ball on the picture taking front this week. This is the only (and best) one we got.

Penelope takes her name very seriously.
Me: Are you my good little girl?
Penelope (angry): No! I NellPea! I NellPea, Mom! 
Me: Are you trying to be funny?
Penelope (almost crying): No! I NellPea!
Which, of course, has led to us teasing her.
Penelope: I NellPea!
Me (or Woo): No, I NellPea. You're Etchie (or Mom or Dad).
This does not make her mad, for some reason. She gets it.

One advantage of having the toilet hooked up in the back bathroom now, is that Linus and Penelope like to use it. I can hear them in there, Linus instructing Penelope and trying to help her position herself, every single time one of them needs to go, and really, they've done very well. Instead of dumping the little potty a million times a day, I now only dump it occasionally, and have something to clean up in the back bathroom every few days.

Herbie seems to have discovered humility this year. His entire life, he's told us that he's the best at everything, and if he is obviously beat at something, he'll make up some story or be very upset. But, now he regularly points out when other people are better than him, and he does so graciously.
Herbie (telling Moses what DI stands for): It's Deseret Injuries, Moses.
Moses has narrowed down his crush from all little girls in Kindergarten to one in particular. He was very anxious to sit by her on the bus, and was upset that she kept sitting by other people, so he came up with a clever plan where he'd duck down in his seat so she'd think it was empty and sit there. It apparently worked at least twice. But, the plan wasn't flawless, "But then I don't get to see her cute face when she gets on the bus!"

When Woo grilled Moses about it we learned that they play together at recess. She likes to be Spiderman, and that they keep picking each other to be helpers. Woo was very surprised that she seems to like Moses back. He's already ahead of both of his parents.

Linus has been very excited for conference all week. Well, that's probably not exactly true. He's been very excited for the candy, and for having church in the living room in your pajamas in a blanket. He picked himself a blanket out that he wanted to use, and kept close tabs on it, and everyday he asked me, "Can I eat candies for conference, Mom, when I hear the word? Can I keep my candies on this blanket?"

Archie, Penelope and Linus have been sick this week. It's the kind of sick where they just want to be held, so I've spent a lot of time on the couch just holding kids in my lap. When it was time to make dinner,  Archie got a ride in the baby backpack, and Penelope got to lie in our bed next to Woo (who was type-type-typing away at the computer). Also, Archie's crawling.

I noticed that Ruby was mostly wonderful except when it was time to clean up for dinner or bed, and it seemed to be because she resented her free time being cut short. I taped a paper to the fridge that said, "Stuff Ruby Wants to Do" for her to list the stuff she wanted to finish, but couldn't at that moment. She immediately wrote down things like, "Play Star Wars with Herbie (Padme)," and "Make pencil holder," and "Build a fire."

Woo's been working A LOT. He's at home still, so we do see him quite a bit, and he doesn't work from dinner to bedtime, but other than that, he's taken very few breaks, and isn't getting much sleep. 

Anyway, that's our week. Hope yours was great!