little boy and baby girl funny faces instagram

We can always find Archie at the foot of the stairs when it's time to go up for naps or bed. I thought he was already understanding the word "upstairs." Woo thinks he just knows the routine. Woo's probably right.

Now that Archie is master of his own position in the house, he has a few places he really likes to frequent. One of his favorites is to crawl really fast into our bedroom when the door is open, and then turn sharply behind it to stay in the corner by the hinges. This makes us nervous, because as you know, little kids and door hinges are a dangerous mix. But so far, Archie has been fine.

little boy and baby girl funny faces instagram

Ruby, however, had a very unfortunate accident today involving a finger and a door in church. It looked pretty bad, but luckily, nothing seems to be broken.

Books from home found smuggled away in Ruby's backpack: Anna Karenina by Tolstoy, Roughing It by Mark Twain, and Mental Toughness Training for Sports by some expert.

That girl has a future.

little boy and baby girl funny faces instagram
Moses (in November): Mom, how many minutes until Easter? 
Which apparently led to other deep time-related thoughts ...
Moses: When was the first day of the whole wide world?  
Me: I don't know.  
Moses: Was it 2011?  
Me: No. 
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Me (encouraging Linus to ask Penelope to share with him) ... NellPea likes to be nice ...  
Penelope: No! I not nice!  
(running towards me and crying) Mom! I NOT nice!  
Me: Oh? What are you?  
Penelope: I NellPea! 
Linus' Christmas wish list: Ah, Candy and a Santa Claus, what has a sword and can get bad guys and what is loud. And I want him to hold snowballs and throw snowballs and I will get the snowball. And a big gingerbread man ...
Herbie: When will I be old enough to get an iPod? 
Woo: Probably when you're old enough to have a job.  
Herbie: I know people who have an iPod, but don't have a job.  
Moses: Oh yeah? Well I know people who don't have an iPod and who do their chores!  
Thank you, Moses.
Herbie (full of admiration): He looks like a hip star! 
Is that hipster or rock star, herbie?
Me: Linus what's your new teachers name? 
Linus: I don't know. 
Me (surprised because Penelope knew her name): Really? 
Linus: Oh. Becky!  
Penelope (from next room): No! That's my Becky!
Which reminds me ...
Linus: I like marshmallows! 
Penelope: No! I like marshmallows! 
Penelope (turning to me and crying): Mom! I like marshmallows! 
Me: Penelope, it's ok if more than one person likes marshmallows. 
Penelope (immediately calming down): Oh.
I was trying to get Moses to tell me what kind of donut he'd eaten in his class. He didn't know what they were called, but they were all the same, he said. After a bit of thinking, he said that they were tree donuts, that they had stuff on them like the trees in the front yard. I thought perhaps he was describing sprinkles by way of pine needles, but he said no. It was something sticky.
Me: Oh. Sap? 
Moses: Yes! I had sap donuts!
I had a much better week than last week. Thank goodness my persistent badditude of the last couple of weeks (that I couldn't seem to shake myself) left around the middle of the week thanks to a blessing from Woo (and the blessings from that blessing :).

Woo did not have a better week. Just imagine your car didn't pass safety and inspection for the most frustrating reasons ever, and that you have until the end of the month to get it all taken care of. That about sums it up.

The good news is he was truly thrilled to find and purchase this 25 lb bag of carrots. The kids were almost equally excited.

little boy and baby girl funny faces instagram

Well, I hope you all had a great week!