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I was sitting in church being quiet and reverent (kind of like I've been able to do for the last 25 years), and Moses leaned over, gave me a big thumbs up and whispered, "You're being awesome, Mom!"

Thank you, Moses.

He went on to give several other people thumbs up and compliments because he "wanted to be nice."

He did not compliment Linus who yelled, "NOT Amen!" at the end of the Sacrament prayer. (Yes, he had the glare to match his badittude.)

And then because he'd sure shown us, we let him get up and do whatever the heck he wanted.

Just kidding. He glowered all through the rest of the meeting instead.

little boys and girls instagram
(Moses is a super-storm trooper here, but he also dressed as Super Ironman, and finally settled on Superman for trick-or-treating)

Moses has been a sneak lately, and Herbie has been a tattle-tale.

Herbie: Mom! Moses snuck a carrot to church in his pocket and ate it during Sharing Time!!


Moses: Who's the most ticklish in the whole wide world?
Herbie: Me.
Moses: No, it's Jesus!
Herbie (as if stating a matter of fact): No, Jesus isn't ticklish at all, actually.

little boys and girls instagram
(Ruby as either a German detective or a German spy)

Ruby (smiling proudly after doing an excellent job on her room): I have a talent for cleaning!

And for making a mess ;)

little boys and girls instagram

Yep, that's Penelope dressed as the Hulk. (Linus is a moose.) We let the kids at the costume bin, and that's what Penelope walked away in. My older boys won't wear those muscle-y costumes because they think they look like a woman. So maybe Penelope thought she was dressed as a woman?

Or maybe she just wanted to be the Hulk.

Linus: I want a sandwich with jam!
and onions!
and peanut butter!
Me: Hmmm, interesting.

Me: Is Linus under the chair?
Linus' voice from under the chair: No.

Linus and Ruby working out a trade...
Ruby: Do you want three or six candies?
Linus: Six!
Linus: Actually, I want one hundred!

little boys and girls instagram
little boys and girls instagram

Herbie was so proud and excited to wear my bike jersey and shorts for Halloween. He even got to go on a bike ride with Woo wearing them, but no one could guess what he was dressed up as. Next time we'll have to include the helmet.

little boys and girls instagram

No one could've predicted this, but Halloween + tons of candy + a time change has not the best mix for little kids. We've had our moments of being surrounded by five crazies and/or crankies.

Archie's pretty much the only one we've been able to rely on to act calm and collected. One night after struggling to get everyone (except Archie) to prayer, Woo held Archie in his lap, and spent the bulk of his prayer praising him.

Archie looked over at me, raised his eyebrows and gave me a (rare) giant smile.

I love it when babies act like they know exactly what's going on.

Well, that's all I've got for tonight. I'm going to go lie in bed and relax.
Hope you all had a great week!