little boy and baby girl funny faces instagram

  • Moses is sick; he stays home from school.
  • Herbie teaches his favorite "Iron Rod" FHE. It involved turning out all the lights and feeling our way along an old broom stick to a giant pile of laundry (the Tree of Life).
little boy and baby girl funny faces instagram

  • Hotshots Glass comes to replace our windshield.
  • Ruby, Herbie and Moses each have a "tasting party" at school.
  • Woo spends most of the morning trying to figure out where the oxygen converter is.
  • He takes the car to Costco where he has to buy new tires, even though we've only gone 15,000 mi on guaranteed to 40,000 mi tires.
  • Archie eats a ton of squash for dinner. I think it might be his favorite food so far.
little boy and baby girl funny faces instagram

  • Woo wakes up early to work on the car with our neighbor Steve.
  • The kids and I clean the house and pack like madmen.
  • And it's done! Woo fixes the car about 30 minutes before we drive to his sister Alisa's.
  • I go to Zupas with Woo's sisters and mom.
  • Woo feeds the kids lunch and puts the littles down to nap. Linus and Penelope are in the storage room.
  • Linus becomes very attached to a little bell that Alisa ties around his neck on a string.
  • At 10:30 PM Penelope runs upstairs with a giant smile on her face. When we tell her it's not morning, her smile drops. Then turns into tears.
little boy and baby girl funny faces instagram

  • 1:52 AM Moses whispers loudly, "I think it's morning, guys!!"
  • The moving balance beam: the only piece of play ground equipment I can school Woo on.
  • We drive to Woo's parents for dinner. (The check engine light is still off!)
  • We eat lots of food and then pie, and Woo sinks into a coma on the couch.
  • But we have to go. We swing by Alisa's for the potty we forgot, and then on to Veteran's Memorial Park to meet Karen (another sister of Woo's) and family.
  • The kids play on the playground in the cold and the dark.
  • After enough kids have gotten hurt, sprung bloody noses, or sunk to the ground in exhaustion, we say goodbye and drive home.
little boy and baby girl funny faces instagram

  • We all sleep in, and then lay around the living room all morning.
  • I and all the kids take naps.
  • Archie is sick.
  • Woo and Moses take the car in again. It passes!
  • We go to a neighbor's pie party.
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  • Ruby and Herbie want to go running with me. Herbie is done after 3 minutes of warming up. Ruby is done after 2 sprints. They go home, and I finish.
  • The kids watch Harry Potter and eat popcorn.
  • I ride the lowrider all over town trying to deliver the Relief Society newsletter to someone who will print it.
  • Woo tries to get a weeks worth of work done in one day.
  • We start our fast.
little boy and baby girl funny faces instagram

  • Herbie and I make lemon bars that I save in the oven until we're out of church.
  • It is very clear that Linus, Penelope and Archie did not get good naps because Linus scowls all through nursery; Penelope breaks down into a NO!-fest the last 10 minutes of Sacrament meeting, and Archie spends almost all of it out in the foyer with Woo.
  • Ruby bares her testimony.
  • We get home and I scrabble to finish dinner. I turn on the broiler for Woo's garlic bread.
  • Something is burning ... the cookies! Blackened to a crisp. I go lie in bed in defeat, and Woo finishes dinner. He scrapes off the the top of the cookies, and ... they're still edible! Hooray!
The End.

Hope you had a great week and Thanksgiving!