Archie's favorite place is the couch, especially if Woo is sitting there working and there are a bunch of cords and a laptop in reach. Or maybe a phone. 

Here's Archie high-centered yet again on one of the dining room chairs -- not panicked or anything, just calmly waiting for someone to come and save him.

What happened to dolls and books? Penelope asked for an iPod yesterday for her birthday. Woo immediately handed her a square shaped piece of cardboard and it was convincing enough that she and Linus had a little tiff over it.

Snowshoeing + Horses (she's terrified of them) = Penelope's Best Daddy Day ever??? 

But it was all worth it for Woo to get a few pictures with both Penelope and the horse in it. She'll thank him for that someday.

Ruby's making an effort to say better prayers. She uses the word "beautiful" a lot and with a lot of feeling. Woo and I often exchange smiles in the middle of her prayers.

Ruby began her paid babysitting career this week. She watched Linus, Penelope and Archie for 40 minutes or so while I ran Herbie to the school in a snow storm. When I got back, all four of them were sitting on the couch. Linus had Archie in his lap, and Ruby was reading them a story. She earned $0.50 and was thrilled.

It worked so well, that I asked Linus to watch Penelope while I took Moses to the bus stop in bad weather the next day. I was gone about 10 minutes, and Linus earned 6 chocolate chips. I gave Penelope 2 for being a good babysittee and they were thrilled, thrilled, thrilled.

Linus got a box of brownie mix for his birthday today in church and he carried that thing around like it was the most amazing thing anyone had ever given him. He stood on a bench in the kitchen and stirred the batter while announcing that he was going to eat them all. He didn't.

So far Herbie is our kid who most wants to do the things that the other kids at school are doing. He wants clothes like his friends have, toys like his friends have, and he really, really wants to play and watch football like his friends do.

Herbie: Mom, the Superbowl is tomorrow!
Me: Oh yeah?
Herbie: Do you know who's playing?!
Me: No.
Herbie: Why not?
Me: Because I don't really care ...
Herbie: It's the Seeetle Seahawks --!

Which set everyone off on a string of smart comments such as the Seeetle Seahawks vs the Dumber Broncos.

In his defense, Herbie was rooting for the Broncos, so he can be excused (maybe) for not knowing how to pronounce Seattle.

Turns out he had heard me about not caring who was playing. He asked me later why I didn't care, as if his feelings had been hurt a little bit. Whoops.

I found a folded up piece of paper with Herbie's New Years Resolution: Try to listen and do everything my mom tells me to. And I have to say, I had noticed.

Moses informed us what was going to happen at parent teacher conferences.

Moses: We'll go to the stations and read sight words and do a science experiment, and then we'll chit chat with Mrs. Hadwin ...

At that point we knew that he was repeating what he'd been told verbatim, because I don't think he's ever said the words "chit chat," but they sure were cute coming out of his little mouth.

His response below is also something I think he learned from his teacher.

Moses: I don't cry at school any more.
Me: Moses, you have A LOT of self-control when you want to.
Moses: Yeah, and I have A LOT of feelings.

There's a reason Woo and I aren't kindergarten teachers because we told him he had the same amount of feelings as everyone else, he was just still learning how to deal with them.

Moses and I put the least amount of work possible into his costume for the super hero party, but it was a success to the only person who mattered.

Me: Who had the best costume today?
Moses: ME!!

I saw the new, new temple movie this week. It was surprisingly ... intense. I think that's the right word for it. It was probably the most memorable and instructive session I've had since my first.

Woo recorded his voice saying, "Penelope, eat your food," and "Kids, clean up!" mixed them up, put them to music and played them over the speakers in the living room. It was fun to listen to, but not very effective, since Penelope didn't finish her dinner and the other kids all gathered around Woo to listen better, rather than clean up.

Well, that's our week. Hope you had a good one!