Ever since Lyndy cut my hair, Penelope has liked to take a comb or a pencil or anything, really, to my hair to "give yous a haircut." I've not had a kid like to do my hair yet, but I'm not going to lie, it feels really good. Almost like a good back scratch, and I like it.

After church today, Ruby collected a ziplock bag full of an old styrofoam plate, snowflakes made by tearing in various states of disrepair, and a bunch of paper bits. I assumed it was headed for the trash, but no. She was taking it home to "make a nice plate out of it."

Archie! Stop being so cute!

And stay out of the dirty dishwasher!

I have no idea how it is at other schools, but the kendama is all the rage here. Of course, Herbie wants one, and of course, he doesn't have one. (I'd never even heard of them until two weeks ago!) Instead, he plays kendama using a beach ball as the ball, his head as the spike, and his hands as the big cup and little cup.

(Aside: I'm reminded of a story our old Branch President told of wanting to learn to play the piano. His parents were hesitant to go out and buy a piano for a kid who would quickly lose interest in it, so they drew him a keyboard on a piece of paper for him to practice his lessons on. He used that for quite awhile, and still loved the piano, so they upgraded to a little electric keyboard, and finally a real piano. He's a great piano player, and still plays quite a bit.)

Linus got some batman rain boots for his birthday that he loves, and they've been perfect for all the rain we've gotten this week. It's made him very curious about other people's rain boots, and he asked another mom at the bus stop why she didn't have batman ones like him. (Because everyone would, if they could, of course!)

Moses wanted to know why he'd gotten so many "Barbie" and "Princess" valentines, and later I found him toting around a Frozen valentine because he thought the girl on it was so pretty.

For Valentines Day, Woo gave me a giant bar of chocolate (that I downed in one sitting, thanks to no more nursing) and fixed the washing machine. Thanks Woo!

Well, that's all for today. Hope you had a great week!