Linus turned 4 this week. He was super, super excited, and thrilled with his bubble gun.

I overheard him ask Moses on his way to school, "Are you going to tell your teacher that I got a bubble gun for my birthday?"

(Ruby gave Linus the first and only hat she's every made for Christmas, and he wears that thing night and day. The pink and purple make lots of people think he's a little girl.)

Woo returned from refilling his drink on their birthday lunch to find Linus talking to a table of 4 teenagers, "I got a gun for my birthday!"

I'm glad to see that we've successfully indoctrinated Linus to our disheveled hair ways:
Linus (describing his teacher): And Mandy's hair was funny. Cuz she brushed it.
Do you think Moses got enough butter on his toast?

As a general rule, I try not to give the kids too much advance notice before anything exciting happens. I'd rather have them sleep in ignorance and behave normally, instead of having a bunch of kids up early in the morning yelling, and running around in excitement. 

But Herbie is on to me:
I knew Grandma and Grandpa were coming because Mom had me clean my room really good.

Moses, Herbie and Archie shared some precious male bonding moments when Moses farted loudly; they all laughed. Then Herbie farted loudly; they all laughed. And then Archie buzzed his lips over and over again to many more laughs all around.

Archie is now fully weaned, and he seems to be taking it okay. In the last 10 years, I've only had less than six months where I haven't been either pregnant or nursing. I seem to be taking it okay too.

In an effort to keep Archie away from his laptop, Woo's started to give him stray cords and remotes to play with.

That's safe, right?

Well, my cleaning at night was short lived. It's so much more fun to work on my book. One reason I never started a book earlier was because I was afraid it would be all consuming, exactly like reading a good novel, but I've found (at least for me) that it is not all consuming, but that the time I spend on it is at least as satisfying as reading a good novel. 

It's fun because I keep learning how to make my writing better; although I have to wonder if I'll ever finish. I've gotten about halfway through drafts 2 and 3, with each chapter getting better than the next. But then I learned a few more things that would make my storytelling so much better, that nothing but a complete start over would do. So, I'm a little over a chapter into draft 4.

For all her tough talk and love for Star Wars, Harry Potter and sharks, Ruby still has a feminine side. Penelope got two dolls for Christmas, and Ruby confiscated one for herself. She's made it a little bed out of a box, that she keeps right next to hers. She dresses it in clothes that are too small for Archie, and she and Penelope often play with their babies together. She checked out some books on fairytales and Shakespeare for kids that she's really enjoyed.

I think over Thanksgiving, perhaps? or some other time, Penelope saw Aunt Alisa place her sunglasses on her head, so now, whenever Penelope comes across a pair of sunglasses, she puts them on top of her head and yells, "I look like Aunt A-isa!"

One day she was sitting at the table as Aunt Alisa in front of a plate of uneaten crusts.
Me: Aunt Alisa eats her crusts, Penelope.
Penelope: Oh! (and gobbled them all up)

Woo tried to help Penelope spill less water all over herself and the tray after drinking from a Sacrament cup.
Woo: Nellpea, you need to drink all the water, so it doesn't spill. 
So when the water tray comes to her, she snatches the first cup, takes a tiny sip, dumps the rest of the water in the tray. Then snatches the next water cup, takes a tiny sip, ... in an effort to drink ALL the waters.

This week, Woo got a few runs in at the ski resort before driving into work. It confused Penelope who saw her dad drive off to go snowboarding, and then skyped him at work before bed.
Penelope (talking to Woo at work): I has another Dad. 
Woo: What's that, NellPea? (joking) Chelsey?! 
Penelope: Another Dad that's snowboarding.

Penelope always uses the word "am" for the be verb in any form. She says: he am funny! They am scary, etc. We usually just laugh and rarely correct her, except once.
Woo: I don't want you to learn this too soon, Penelope, but you should actually say "are."
And Penelope blew a giant raspberry at him and laughed.

Another one I think is super cute, but is discouraged in all instances is when she yells:
SHUB UB! (shut up!)

Woo's diet has quickly spiraled downhill into a whirlwind of fries, bacon, hamburgers (last week he came home craving a hamburger -- and he had just barely eaten one!), sugar sweetened cereal, apple crisp, strawberry shortcake, ribs, etc. with a few carrots and citrus thrown in.

He's started to complain about it, so he must be getting close to rock bottom -- after he finishes the few boxes of cinnamon toast crunch stashed in his office.

Well, that's finally all. Hope you had a great week!