KIDS ...

You probably can't tell from this picture, but Ruby is wearing two pillow cases over her feet, and she's pulled the tops clear up to her waist so that they poke out of her pants. This was her ingenious solution to keep her legs from aching, and I think it worked, because she kicked them all over while I was trying to take a picture, and we never heard about the aches again.

Ruby had two piano lessons this week, which she loved, and she also started doing something strange. She spent about 5 minutes carefully combing her hair in front of the mirror before going each time. This is the only time she has ever cared about tangles being in her hair.

Here's Herbie with his homemade kendama, which, according to Ruby, qualifies him to roam around with the kendama gang at recess. It's made from a broken piece of a snowball shooter, and a plastic ball from one of Archie's toys. Woo is thrilled with his creativity, but we're still planning on getting him a real kendama for his birthday soon (unless they're already out of style or outlawed by the school and he changes his mind).

I got to sit with the kids in Primary on Sunday. The teacher held up a picture of the Salt Lake temple and asked why temples were such sacred places.

There were a few other (more accurate answers; although, his wasn't completely wrong) before Herbie raised his hand.

Herbie: Because the pioneers built it.
Teacher: Yes. And I think it even took them sixty years to build it --
Herbie (interrupting in his know-it-all voice): No, it was forty.

And he was right. He'd read it somewhere.

I also forgot to mention that Herbie likes to rake leaves for fun. When the kids are out playing, he'll get the rakes out and enlist Moses or Linus into helping him rake up a pile or two.

Moses: I know where earthquakes come from.  
Us: Where?  
Moses: The right! 
Cuz meteorite--right!  
Woo: I can't wait to see your science fair entries...

Linus was super excited to teach his first Family Home Evening, which was on Jesus loving children.

On another day he asked me:
Linus: Mom, how old was Etchie when he was one?

Ever since we prayed for our hurt neighbor and for the doctors attending him, Penelope has added a "Please help doctors feel better," to her prayers.

Which is ridiculous because everyone knows doctors don't need to feel better.

Here's Archie performing the all important job of pulling all of the dirty laundry out of the basket and onto the floor.

He also does good work for us pulling all of his clothes out of the drawer. Or all of the toys out of the cupboard. Or all of the rags out from under the sink ...

Anyway, that's it for the week. Hope you had a good one!