Moses had his 6th birthday this week, which I think went well. The only hitch was that we couldn't eat cinnamon rolls like he'd requested (we had homemade strawberry ice cream instead) because we didn't have a working oven, which was the end (???) of a long line of breaking things. It really all starts last week.

Last Week:
  • Washing machine breaks again. 
  • Woo gets pulled over several times for a burnt out tail light. (Every time he replaces the fuse it blows.)
  • I get a head cold which gives me vertigo.
  • I lose a contact.
  • New washing machine part comes in. 
  • Right before Woo needs help lifting the washer, I hurt my back. 
  • Woo fixes it alone.
  • I wash two loads and the washer dies for good.
  • Woo (praying): Please bless everything to quit breaking or being lost.
  • Woo and Linus find us a new washer.
Moses: Where's Dad going?
Me: I think he's going to get a washing machine.
Moses: Maybe he'll get a Lightning McQueen one! 
  • Woo drives into work and hopes he doesn't get pulled over again.
  • Archie is missing. I find him bouncing at an upstairs window -- buzzing his lips at the flashing ambulance lights parked in front of the neighbor's house.
  • The kids and I say lots of prayers.
  • We're relieved to see a living body leave the house on a stretcher, but saddened to see that he is clearly not well. 
  • The kids immediately start recounting all their memories of this neighbor, remember him in all their prayers, and we're lucky to get update texts from other neighbors (It was very iffy there for awhile, but now it looks like he'll make it).
  • I start dinner. 
  • The oven gets hot. Really hot. Too hot. I turn it off. 
  • Dinner isn't done. I place the dish back in the oven hoping there will be enough heat to cook it.
  • The oven is not turning off.  It is getting even hotter. 
  • I unplug the oven and pull out the pyrex dish, which shatters into a million pieces on the stovetop.
  • We eat leftovers.
Herbie: Why does everything keep breaking?
Me: I don't know. Maybe something really good is about to happen.
Moses (jumping in the air): Maybe Jesus is coming?! 

The truth is, even though lots of bad and inconvienient things kept happening this week, I've been filled with a feeling of eager anticipation. I think it's because I keep running into this scripture (Mosiah 7:18-19) in my personal and family scripture study. In my lesson preparation and in my conversations with other people.

I think it is a message to me now:

"O ye, my people, lift up your heads and be comforted; for behold, the time is at hand, or is not far distant, when we shall no longer be in subjection to our enemies, notwithstanding our many strugglings, which have been in vain; yet I trust there remaineth an effectual struggle to be made.

Therefore, lift up your heads, and rejoice, and put your trust in God, in that God who was the God of Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob."

While it's true I'm not under "subjection" to anything too serious. I do have a handful of things (some of which I've struggled under my whole life) that I think many people would find onerous. I do feel blessed that my burdens have been made light, and most of the time I don't even feel them. But I do have a list of about ten things that I would be THRILLED to be free from. Any one of them would be an answer to prayer, and I'm excited to find out which one it will be.

(I also really enjoyed this BYU devotional talk by Elder Bednar, which is somewhat related.)

Herbie: Everyone's a nerd.
Woo: Cool kids aren't nerds.
Herbie: Jesus wasn't a nerd.
Woo: Jesus had to be a nerd ... to understand what we go through.

Ruby had her oral president report this week. She was so excited, she sat down and wrote two pages front and back the second she got home after getting the assignment a month ago. She found her own costume and props. Did absolutely everything on her own and got 103/100. She was assigned Franklin Pierce, who (as everyone knows) was the first president to have a Christmas tree in the white house.

We have a book called something like: I grew up to be President, and it has a couple of pages on every president, their childhood and their presidency. It is definitely one of Ruby, Herbie and Moses' favorite books. They each have spent a great deal of time with it.

(Moses spying on Linus and Penelope with his new spy goggles.)

We were talking about tattling for some reason.
Moses: We can tattle in my class.
Me: Oh, you'll have the lesson soon on what types of tattling your teacher wants to hear and what she doesn't.
Ruby: Well, what your teacher wants to hear is not tattling. That's called reporting.
Moses (nodding gravely): And you can always do iMessage.
(Penelope asked me to take this picture. She felt that putting the truck on the garbage can was quite the accomplishment.)
Penelope: I'm a bad guy!
Woo: I want you to be a good girl.
Penelope: No! I'm a bad guy!
Woo: Ok, be a bad guy.
Penelope (in her bad guy voice): I'm going to the temple! 
(Archie standing in Woo's snowboarding boots)

(Linus made a comfortable bed for himself in the appliance graveyard in the kitchen.)

Well, that's it for our week. I hope you all are doing well!