This weather this week was cold every morning, and lovely every afternoon and evening. One evening the kids talked me into eating dinner outside. Another we all went for a bike ride to the beach. The temperature was in the 50s, I think, which is of course warm enough to tear off of your shoes, socks and shirts and wade in melted ice water.

There was a lot of good rock throwing going on. I think kids (and men?) could throw rocks into water for hours. Moses told us this was the best day ever. He and Herbie asked me every day about getting the shorts out, but it's too soon. It'll snow again.

Around here kids sometimes have to wait for the things they want.
Moses: Mom! Can you take my temperature yet? You said you would do it last week!
It was just as I suspected -- normal.

I held my hand up to give Moses high five after he finished unloading the dishwasher, but he wanted to knock knuckles first. We missed. Then we tried like five times to slap each other's hands without any success.
Woo (watching us): You guys are really cool. I can tell.
Herbie (rubbing his knee or something): Mom, I'm hurt.
Me: What's wrong?
Woo: Arthritis.
Herbie just looks at him confused.
Woo: Menopause, right Herbie?
Menopause got you down?
Herbie hops on his bike and sprints away, not that hurt after all.

Linus has taken the time change the hardest. He's been super mad, even going so far as to call me, "You ... MISTER!!" and having scary dreams that he likes to brag about in the morning.
Linus: Mom! The first scary thing I saw was a tiger-snake!
Also, he got into his head that we had made some sort of deal that I have no memory of and am pretty sure never happened.
Linus: Mom! Remember to buy me a snowmobile when you go shopping!

Getting Penelope to clean her plate continues to be a challenge, but Woo's had some success creating counting games for her. "Eat three more bites, NellPea! Now one!"

She's a pretty good little counter. Today during church she sat with a book in her lap counting the letters in the title. She got up to 10 correctly, did some number in the teens for the next 5, and then alternated between 16 and 18 for the next 20 letters.

Ruby did end up being the first girl in her class to pass off her multiplication tables. She was really excited. She also wrote a limerick that I thought was quite clever, but didn't write down. The rhyming words were trumpkin, pumpkin and bumpkin, I believe.

Archie thinks we can understand every word he says, and we act like we can. Sometimes he's pretty close. If we ask him something that requires just a yes or no answer, he'll often respond with a one syllable word. Today he rode on Woo's back during our walk. Woo asked him if he'd had fun looking around. Archie pointed into the distance and said, "Gah."

Hope you had a great week!