Fantastic weather (where'd all that snow go??) + tons of sunlight = a Sunday walk.

Which was made slightly more memorable by Linus toppling into the creek. I had a split second to choose between lying outstretched in the mud or hopping in the water myself.

I chose hopping in the water.

Moses: Good thing he was wearing rain boots!
I'm not so sure about that. They trapped air and floated on the top while he was in the water and carted plenty of water home with us on the way back.
Woo: Linus, you're not coming down here by yourself until you're 25. Maybe 26.
Some warm, dry jammies and some time on the heater with Dad, and he was as good as new.

Our home teachers came this week and gave the "You are my hands" lesson. They left several slips of paper for the kids to write down nice things they do and then staple them all together. Linus was really, really excited for this until he realized we would be making a love chain not a love train.

Woo got the bikes out for the first time this year to go deliver invitations to a ward party. Linus kept getting farther and farther behind, until Woo looked back and realized that Linus had picked up his bike and was running with it in his arms, under the mistaken impression that this would help him go faster. I think it's a lesson that all the kids have had to learn, actually.

Woo misses dinner one night a week on the day he goes into work. I let the kids take turns picking what they want for dinner. It usually ends up being stuff like cornbread, cinnamon toast, oranges, scrambled eggs, etc.

Woo gets his requests on other nights -- stuff like homemade guacamole, salsas, asparagus, curries, salads, etc.
Moses (staring at a pile of guacamole on his plate): We have way more delicious stuff when you go to work, Dad.

NellPea spent a large portion of our walk holding "my's own hand!" of course.
NellPea (talking to herself): And Archie is a boy. And Herbie is a boy. And Mosey is a boy ...
Me: Is Ruby a boy?
NellPea: No! He's a girl!

Now that Archie thinks that the stairs are his to conquer, we try to keep that door closed tightly at all times. The problem is that door is quite noisy. The loud squeak of the door opening is inevitably followed by the quick splat, splat, splat of Archie's little hands on the linoleum as he makes a quick break for the stairs before anyone can stop him.

He's also driven Woo to the windowsill to keep Archie's little hands from pounding on the keyboard at inopportune times, snatching the iPhone, yanking the cords, etc.


Herbie is proving himself to be quite dependable. We know he's not going to sneak anything. He's always thrilled to help with anything. He gets along well with the other kids. He doesn't always, but he will often clean his room very well. One time I opened his drawers to find everything neatly organized inside (he did that, not me). I briefly considered marching the whole family up to his room to show them, but instead just mentioned it at dinner.

This week Herbie picked up a free book from the stash his Aunt Moley sent that was actually called, The Annoying Joke Book: How to be Annoying.

Thanks, Aunt Moley.

Ruby hopes to be the first girl in her class to pass off all the multiplication tables (some pesky boys finished on Friday).

She also got "written up" on the bus for not staying in her seat. Sometimes we wish we knew better what happens between Ruby and other kids, because we don't get a very clear picture from what she tells us.

Woo's hair is at a fun length where if he were to say shower at night and then immediately go to sleep on it, it could be pretty crazy in the morning.

That's apparently what happened this morning because this is the text I got from him at his early meeting:
Well, everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) burst into laughter when I walked in.
In his defense, he did ask me how it looked before he left, and I said, "I don't know. I don't have my contacts in."

I'm probably not the best wife (or mother) for anyone hoping to avoid getting their hair laughed at anyways.

Well, that's it for our week. Hope yours was great!