Last week I got to substitute Linus' Primary class. I found the lesson (thank you, Gospel Library App!) and Woo got Linus in the mood for the lesson by taking his picture and annoying him.

The lesson was called Being Grateful For Fish, which seemed kind of ridiculous until I got into it, and realized it was really a lesson on the creation and the beauty and diversity on earth. Linus ended up enjoying it.

Archie was a good student too.

We played Mother May I one evening. Linus did great when I was calling the shots, but when it was Herbie's turn he got kind of confused.

Before Herbie could even said anything Linus asked, "Brother? May me?"

And then he said, "May I, brother?" to Ruby.

The world would be a much better place if there were more robots.
Moses: I wish we had robots to clean all this mess! 
I'm going to invent robots, and they could clean super fast!
And even better if all parents were robots.
Moses: And they could let us sleep in and not make us miss the bus! 
Woo: Why couldn't you just be raised completely by robots?  
I bet those robots give nice warm hugs.  
Moses: And when we were super bad they'd give us tons of candy!!  
AND when we were good!!!
A boy can dream, I guess. In the meantime we'll be stocking up on Kit-Kats. I wouldn't want anyone to be allergic to anything.
Moses: I'm allergic to chocolate. The only chocolate I'm not allergic to is Kit-Kats.

Penelope is still ridiculous.
Woo: Penelope, go give yourself three spankings! 
Penelope: No! I not! 
Woo: Ok, Penelope, go take yourself upstairs! 
Penelope: No! I not! 
Woo: Ok, Penelope, go eat a cookie! 
Penelope: No! I not!
I can barely leave the house, or take Archie upstairs for a nap, she has to give us so many hugs. This is the message  I got from Woo, the last time I left the house:
Did you hear Penelope run for one more hug and burst into tears when you left? Apparently the 3 right before weren't enough ...
Here's Penelope carrying her baby in the baby carrier. She almost tipped over backwards a couple of times.

Woo worked some, and he snowboarded some.

Herbie is really, really into all the Frozen songs (like every other kid/person in America?). He sings them all the time, and corrects any of the rest of the kids who don't know the words exactly. The songs alone were the best part of the movie for him. I think he might be our most musical kid, actually.

Ruby got a keyboard to practice her new piano skills on. Woo originally thought he would take her over to the church to practice, but that lasted once. Maybe twice. 

I don't know if you can tell from the picture above, but she snipped another chunk out of her bangs on a dare from some kids in school. That's three times for her.

Well, that's all. Hope you have a great week!