This was a big week for Herbie. He started cub scouts,

had his birthday,

received his beloved kendama,

and was baptized.

I asked all the kids what their favorite part of the baptism was.
Ruby: Playing tag! With Marcus! 
Herbie: Being baptized! 
Moses: Watching Herbie be baptized. 
Linus: Candy! 
Penelope: I saw Aunt Alisa! And Grandmas! And Grandpas! 
Archie: Engh zzzzzzbt. He probably was referring to the entire ice cream sandwich Grandma Sandy fed him.
My favorite part was Herbie's confirmation (when he received the Gift of the Holy Ghost and a blessing), and Woo's was baptizing Herbie and watching kids slide down a table on the stage.

I walked by Tyson and Penelope at one point.
Tyson: How old's your mom? 
Penelope: Two!
But when she realized that couldn't be right, she changed it to:
Not two!

Dad and Josey gave great talks. Grandpa and Grandma gave great prayers. Ruby was excited to see Grandma play the piano (which was also great :). Archie was poked and pinched and chased constantly by cousins. Great-Grandma made it despite the rain. Lyndy didn't throw up. Aunt Becky tried to woo a disgruntled Linus ... The only thing missing was that no one mentioned in a prayer that they were grateful we'd stuck with the church. Maybe next time.

Here's some other stuff from our week:
Woo: Ah, Chelsey! You're the fairest woman in the land! 
In terms of justice ...

One night at dinner the kids were bickering over who had the biggest muscles (Incidentally, Moses "flexes" his muscles by shoving one shoulder in the air.)
Me (to Woo): Why don't you show the kids yours to get this over with? 
So he did and he'll probably never get such an impressed group in his life.
Moses: Wow!! That is huge!!
Herbie (crestfallen): I have a tiny one right there.
Woo: Yeah, I know.
Luckily, he recognized an important teaching moment when he saw one.
I got this way by listening to my parents, going to sleep on time and eating my spinach. 
Then for emphasis he speared a large forkful of spinach and shoved it into his mouth.

Another time the kids were telling me all about their basketball exploits.
Moses: I bounced it with two hands, it went above my head, and then when it came down I kicked it, and it went backwards over my head!!  
Me (only half listening, but deciding to go all out on the praise): You are the most amazing basketball player the world has ever seen.  
Moses (smiling modestly): That's because I'm a basketball, football, karate player!
Which gave him a wonderful idea.
I'm going to teach Colton how to do that for his basketball games!

Herbie told me this more than once this week: Mom, most boys who have a kendama attract girls.

I'm thrilled for him.

Archie loves when we FaceTime Woo the day Woo goes into work. He'll laugh and babble and follow the phone from kid to kid as they all take a turn talking to Woo.

Today in church someone gave him a cracker that he'd never seen before. He held it in his hand and kept babbling something over and over that sounded an awful lot like, "What is it?" Maybe I should be giving his babbling more credit than I have been.

We ate leftovers for dinner after the baptism. Most of the kids had a hard time finishing except for Linus who, for some reason, gobbled his all up.
Woo: Linus and I are going to go and have a party because he's the only one finished with his food.
And they went into the office and watched a family picture slideshow on the projector. Linus' loud laughter kept reaching the rest of us still at the table.

Tonight Linus blessed the food. He gave a long meandering prayer about how he'd gotten to have a party with Dad yesterday for finishing all his food and asked that all the other kids would finish their food so they could have a party too. When he was finished, Woo asked, "Did you bless the food, Linus?" So he had to say another short one to get the food blessed.
Ruby (referring to Neapolitan ice cream): I want the nippleton one!

Linus got out of his Primary class with his super loud voice on. He yelled at Woo and I in the hall, and when Woo took him to the potty before Sacrament meeting, he practically shouted.
Linus: There's the snake!! 
Moses/Herbie: Where?! There is no snake! 
Linus: My pee was a snake!
Anyway, the whole church probably heard it.

Also, Linus has discovered the lederhosen, which he calls his, "cowboy pants."

Well, I think that's all I've got this week. Hope you had a good one!



Every Christmas and Easter since we've moved here we've found at least one anonymous package of gifts and treats on the porch. Last night Moses prayed that we'd find something on the porch this morning, and also decided to remember the poor -- that they would get one too. There wasn't anything on porch this morning, but sure enough, when we came home from church there was something waiting for us.
Moses: My prayer was answered!! 
I can only hope that the poor got one too.

I dropped the ball this week on the pepper front. We ran completely out. And of salt too, if you don't count the 50 lbs of less accessible salt we have stored for when we "really" need it.  (Or when I'm more motivated to get it out) And instead of just running to the store for some, like a normal person, I'm waiting until Tuesday when I'd already planned to go shopping. Woo had to raid his camping gear for his own personal emergency pepper stash.
Moses: That's for emergencies.  
Woo: This is an emergency, Moses.
I think the moral of the story is that if you want food with seasoning during the apocalypse, don't come to us. Or maybe you should. Woo won't let this happen again, and we'll probably have 50 lbs of pepper before the week is out.

One evening at the park I was sitting there watching the kids play tag when I thought, what am I doing sitting here? Why am I not running around with them? I think it's a combination of not being pregnant, not having any babies under the age of one and also Spring being here, but I'm feeling a lot more energetic then I have in the past. Anyways, I have been taking the kids to the park specifically to run around with them; although the second day, the kids decided they would rather ride Woo's trials bike, while Woo threw long frisbee passes for me to run and catch.

Woo stayed up to get this awesome shot of the eclipse. Worth it?

Penelope and her careful stack of crackers with one bite taken out of each.

Herbie is very, very excited about his birthday. He's been doing a daily countdown since about day 30. We asked him who he wanted to give talks at his baptism, and he listed every single task, and who he wanted to do it. He'd obviously been thinking about it. He decided to ask the two members of the family who are the least excited about public speaking to give the talks. Well, there's maybe one that's less ... We'll try to steer Moses in your direction, Lynds, for the next baptism ;).

Linus loves his Daddy Day, and he's very patient too. Woo had to push it back two days, and then on the actual day, a couple of hours, but Linus never complained. He just kept telling all the other kids that it was his Daddy Day, and what he wanted to do, and what he was going to pick for his Daddy Day Drink afterwards. They went fishing at the creek Linus fell in earlier this year.
Linus: We went to the creek, what I fell into, but I didn't fall in.
Me: Oh? Why not?
Linus: Because I was holding on tight to the bike.

I caught Ruby sneaking in to peek at herself in the mirror after applying lipgloss exactly like she did when she was two years old. Someone should really teach her, and apparently, that hasn't made my to-do list in the past few years either.

Archie has started to get a bit of an attitude. He has places to go, things to get into, and he is not happy when his efforts are thwarted. He's mostly abandoned his vigilant pursuit of the stairs for sitting next to the back door and scampering out whenever anyone leaves the screen door open for too long.

Well, that's all for this week. I hope you're enjoying your Spring!



There's a story about me that the kids like. One time I went to Arctic Circle on a kindergarten field trip, and because it was my first time ever being at a restaurant without my parents, I ordered a coke (which was verboten). The coke was delicious, but when I came home, I found that some mother on the field trip had called Mom and told her that I had ordered a coke (would that even happen today??).

When Dad got home, he made me brush my teeth for like half an hour. Then he brushed my teeth himself for another half an hour, and told me that all my teeth were going to rot and fall out (2 down, 28 to go ... ) Anyways, Ruby told that story to her class in church today, except that instead of ordering a coke, I ordered some alcohol.

Much better story, I'll give her that.

Linus really loves swatting at flies with the fly swatter.
Linus (to me): I killed a bee!
Penelope (from clear in the bathroom): Oh! You killed a bee?!
I'm in the bathroom!
Linus (very proud): Yeah, I'm good at killing. 

One evening after dinner we went out to rake some leaves. Within seconds we lost all the kids to the neighbors. After a few minutes Moses came back to help.
Moses: You know why I'm over here helping you guys? Cause I wanted to help my family more than play basketball. 
And I believe that was the moment when he realized what he was missing, because the second the words were out of his mouth, he sprinted back over to the basketball hoop.

Moses (eyeing the rotisserie chicken): I want a feather!
Me: You mean a wing?
Moses: Yes!!

Herbie gave a talk in Primary today that he wrote himself. It was on the family being ordained of God. Herbie talked about how a mom and a dad are important and then shared a story of Woo pulling a wheelie on his bike that was fun and cool, and then a story about a time when there were no clean dishes in the house and I washed them all so we could eat.
Woo: I like how it sounds like I'm the one that's tons of fun and has everything together and you can barely keep on top of the dishes.
The Bishop tells us that when he asked Herbie why he wanted to be baptized Herbie said, "Because it's a commandment." Not what the Bishop was expecting.

Woo and I got invited to a tour of the Bishop's Central Storehouse and a luncheon by LDS Philantropies this week. I spent the entire time wondering what we were doing there, and finally concluded that they'd accidentally invited the wrong Woo. The right Woo is forty years older and much richer than mine.

Here we are riding a golf cart through the freezer (-10 degrees).

Anyways, the highlight of the trip was riding the elevator down from the top floor of the the Joseph Smith Memorial Building during the lunch hour. The elevator stopped on every single floor and at one point a couple got on in the middle of a very intense conversation about "the Spirit of Elijah." The woman kept looking down at a clipboard and shaking her head. I thought they were married until the next floor when the man walked out of the elevator, turned around, gave the woman meaningful look and just said, "Think about it."

We couldn't help but laugh as soon as she hopped off. Where else in the world would you ever hear anything like that in an elevator?

When some other kid is hitting or not sharing, Penelope likes to say, "What would Jesus do, Moses? Jesus would share." or "What would Jesus do, Linus? Jesus would not hit." But if she's ever hitting or not sharing and anyone asks her what Jesus would do, she sticks her lip out, puts her chin down on her chest and says, "Nothing."

P.S. In case you were wondering, asking someone who is mad what Jesus would do, often makes them more mad.

I'm gearing up to get Archie potty trained. Which means I'm setting him on the potty regularly. He has had some success and has not been opposed (other than bursting into tears at our applause for his first poop), so the next step is getting him to prefer the potty to anything else. Which means treats and several weeks (months?) of practice.

For the first time ever Woo and I made a list of questions that we would like answered the night before conference. Two of mine were: What is something I should be doing to strengthen my family? And are there any opportunities I should be giving the kids?

My answer was in President Eyring's talk on leaving an inheritance of hope and was not what I was expecting:
There are things you can do early, when those you love are young. Remember that daily family prayer, family scripture study, and sharing our testimony in sacrament meeting are easier and more effective when children are young. Young children are often more sensitive to the Spirit than we realize.
I started today, and Woo wonders if I'm now going to become an every-monther. I don't know. That's a lot of testimonies until Archie's out of the house. But it's worth it, probably. I'll try the next couple of months in a row, and see if I'm driving myself crazy.

Anyways, that's all I have for now. I hope you all had a great week!



I fear that the school doesn't get the best picture of us...

Ruby told me one day last week that her teacher didn't think she had enough lunch and should get school lunch. Ruby said, "No I can't, my mom will get really mad!" So her teacher gave her a package of cookies. I asked Ruby what she had. A sandwich. And an orange in her backpack. That she didn't show her teacher.

Then she told me about another time she had chips and a sandwich and her teacher didn't think that was enough, but she told her teacher we didn't have any more food. And that I would get really mad if she got school lunch.

CPS headed over here any day now ... but if there's one thing they'll find, it's a lot of food.

The teacher is probably only concerned because Ruby usually packs a giant lunch and still eats discarded treats from her friends (no treats going to waste over here), but sometimes I feel like I'm the only kid in the world that managed to stay alive and alert in school by packing a sandwich, a piece of fruit, and a fruit juice to lunch all through grade school. And junior high. 

I'm glad that Herbie's teacher this year is way more relaxed about his lunches. I can not convince him to take anything more than a couple pieces of plain rye bread and a carrot.

I pulled about 10-15 slivers out of Ruby this week. She didn't know what the first two were, just thought they were funny bumps that hurt, but I was able to get the slivers out pretty easily. Then every few hours she'd come and ask me to remove a few more. I don't know why she didn't tell me about them all at once.
Moses: I wish this motorcycle could see itself!  
Woo: Why?  
Moses: Cause it's cool
Woo leaves his seat for a second to find it taken over by Moses' bodyguards.

Linus said some stuff that I'm not going to post here.

We had a typical conference weekend. Everyone but Ruby and I got a haircut.

Moses stuffed a blanket in his pants.

Kids spent periods of time paying attention.

Other times we listened very carefully for the word of the talk around the candy bowl. (Penelope's combing a knot in my hair.)

Of course, first we had to buy some candy.
Me (to Woo): Aren't you going to get a cart too?  
Woo: No. We're not going to need it. We're getting hardly anything. 

No one was happier than Herbie to get his hair cut. I'm realizing now that he doesn't think that long hair and a name starting with the word "her" are a good mix for his social life.

This is one of Archie's favorite games -- being pulled around the living room on a blanket by one of his big brothers or his dad. He's still not sure what to think of Woo and his new haircut. He doesn't say, "DAD!" anymore or give him smiles or look him in the eye very often.

For the first time in my life, I have someone pretending to be me. Linus and Penelope often run around saying that Penelope is the mom and Linus is the baby, which is not new from any of the kids. But, every so often, Penelope will announce that she's Schelsey.

The biggest fiasco of the week is when I looked at the large pile of avocados, realized that Woo's the only one in the family who will eat gallons of guacamole and decided to try something new. A quick internet search brought up avocado fries, which I thought sounded OK. Or at least worth trying once. Long story short: a 20 minute recipe ended up taking me 2 hrs, and (to no one's surprise?) they weren't that good. Woo came into the kitchen in the middle of it all to tell me he loved me. He had heard me getting frustrated and telling one of the kids that I was in the middle of a huge mistake. "I don't need love. I need help!" I said, and he put cheese on the burgers, got them off the grill, assembled them for kids, etc. While I wrestled with the avocado fries. Anyway, I won't be making them ever again. The end.

Hope you had a great week!