This was a big week for Herbie. He started cub scouts,

had his birthday,

received his beloved kendama,

and was baptized.

I asked all the kids what their favorite part of the baptism was.
Ruby: Playing tag! With Marcus! 
Herbie: Being baptized! 
Moses: Watching Herbie be baptized. 
Linus: Candy! 
Penelope: I saw Aunt Alisa! And Grandmas! And Grandpas! 
Archie: Engh zzzzzzbt. He probably was referring to the entire ice cream sandwich Grandma Sandy fed him.
My favorite part was Herbie's confirmation (when he received the Gift of the Holy Ghost and a blessing), and Woo's was baptizing Herbie and watching kids slide down a table on the stage.

I walked by Tyson and Penelope at one point.
Tyson: How old's your mom? 
Penelope: Two!
But when she realized that couldn't be right, she changed it to:
Not two!

Dad and Josey gave great talks. Grandpa and Grandma gave great prayers. Ruby was excited to see Grandma play the piano (which was also great :). Archie was poked and pinched and chased constantly by cousins. Great-Grandma made it despite the rain. Lyndy didn't throw up. Aunt Becky tried to woo a disgruntled Linus ... The only thing missing was that no one mentioned in a prayer that they were grateful we'd stuck with the church. Maybe next time.

Here's some other stuff from our week:
Woo: Ah, Chelsey! You're the fairest woman in the land! 
In terms of justice ...

One night at dinner the kids were bickering over who had the biggest muscles (Incidentally, Moses "flexes" his muscles by shoving one shoulder in the air.)
Me (to Woo): Why don't you show the kids yours to get this over with? 
So he did and he'll probably never get such an impressed group in his life.
Moses: Wow!! That is huge!!
Herbie (crestfallen): I have a tiny one right there.
Woo: Yeah, I know.
Luckily, he recognized an important teaching moment when he saw one.
I got this way by listening to my parents, going to sleep on time and eating my spinach. 
Then for emphasis he speared a large forkful of spinach and shoved it into his mouth.

Another time the kids were telling me all about their basketball exploits.
Moses: I bounced it with two hands, it went above my head, and then when it came down I kicked it, and it went backwards over my head!!  
Me (only half listening, but deciding to go all out on the praise): You are the most amazing basketball player the world has ever seen.  
Moses (smiling modestly): That's because I'm a basketball, football, karate player!
Which gave him a wonderful idea.
I'm going to teach Colton how to do that for his basketball games!

Herbie told me this more than once this week: Mom, most boys who have a kendama attract girls.

I'm thrilled for him.

Archie loves when we FaceTime Woo the day Woo goes into work. He'll laugh and babble and follow the phone from kid to kid as they all take a turn talking to Woo.

Today in church someone gave him a cracker that he'd never seen before. He held it in his hand and kept babbling something over and over that sounded an awful lot like, "What is it?" Maybe I should be giving his babbling more credit than I have been.

We ate leftovers for dinner after the baptism. Most of the kids had a hard time finishing except for Linus who, for some reason, gobbled his all up.
Woo: Linus and I are going to go and have a party because he's the only one finished with his food.
And they went into the office and watched a family picture slideshow on the projector. Linus' loud laughter kept reaching the rest of us still at the table.

Tonight Linus blessed the food. He gave a long meandering prayer about how he'd gotten to have a party with Dad yesterday for finishing all his food and asked that all the other kids would finish their food so they could have a party too. When he was finished, Woo asked, "Did you bless the food, Linus?" So he had to say another short one to get the food blessed.
Ruby (referring to Neapolitan ice cream): I want the nippleton one!

Linus got out of his Primary class with his super loud voice on. He yelled at Woo and I in the hall, and when Woo took him to the potty before Sacrament meeting, he practically shouted.
Linus: There's the snake!! 
Moses/Herbie: Where?! There is no snake! 
Linus: My pee was a snake!
Anyway, the whole church probably heard it.

Also, Linus has discovered the lederhosen, which he calls his, "cowboy pants."

Well, I think that's all I've got this week. Hope you had a good one!