Every Christmas and Easter since we've moved here we've found at least one anonymous package of gifts and treats on the porch. Last night Moses prayed that we'd find something on the porch this morning, and also decided to remember the poor -- that they would get one too. There wasn't anything on porch this morning, but sure enough, when we came home from church there was something waiting for us.
Moses: My prayer was answered!! 
I can only hope that the poor got one too.

I dropped the ball this week on the pepper front. We ran completely out. And of salt too, if you don't count the 50 lbs of less accessible salt we have stored for when we "really" need it.  (Or when I'm more motivated to get it out) And instead of just running to the store for some, like a normal person, I'm waiting until Tuesday when I'd already planned to go shopping. Woo had to raid his camping gear for his own personal emergency pepper stash.
Moses: That's for emergencies.  
Woo: This is an emergency, Moses.
I think the moral of the story is that if you want food with seasoning during the apocalypse, don't come to us. Or maybe you should. Woo won't let this happen again, and we'll probably have 50 lbs of pepper before the week is out.

One evening at the park I was sitting there watching the kids play tag when I thought, what am I doing sitting here? Why am I not running around with them? I think it's a combination of not being pregnant, not having any babies under the age of one and also Spring being here, but I'm feeling a lot more energetic then I have in the past. Anyways, I have been taking the kids to the park specifically to run around with them; although the second day, the kids decided they would rather ride Woo's trials bike, while Woo threw long frisbee passes for me to run and catch.

Woo stayed up to get this awesome shot of the eclipse. Worth it?

Penelope and her careful stack of crackers with one bite taken out of each.

Herbie is very, very excited about his birthday. He's been doing a daily countdown since about day 30. We asked him who he wanted to give talks at his baptism, and he listed every single task, and who he wanted to do it. He'd obviously been thinking about it. He decided to ask the two members of the family who are the least excited about public speaking to give the talks. Well, there's maybe one that's less ... We'll try to steer Moses in your direction, Lynds, for the next baptism ;).

Linus loves his Daddy Day, and he's very patient too. Woo had to push it back two days, and then on the actual day, a couple of hours, but Linus never complained. He just kept telling all the other kids that it was his Daddy Day, and what he wanted to do, and what he was going to pick for his Daddy Day Drink afterwards. They went fishing at the creek Linus fell in earlier this year.
Linus: We went to the creek, what I fell into, but I didn't fall in.
Me: Oh? Why not?
Linus: Because I was holding on tight to the bike.

I caught Ruby sneaking in to peek at herself in the mirror after applying lipgloss exactly like she did when she was two years old. Someone should really teach her, and apparently, that hasn't made my to-do list in the past few years either.

Archie has started to get a bit of an attitude. He has places to go, things to get into, and he is not happy when his efforts are thwarted. He's mostly abandoned his vigilant pursuit of the stairs for sitting next to the back door and scampering out whenever anyone leaves the screen door open for too long.

Well, that's all for this week. I hope you're enjoying your Spring!