Moses, Linus, Penelope and I rode our bikes around the church playing follow-the-leader. We saw a chipmunk that the kids were fascinated by.
Linus: Is it scared of people? 
Me: Yes. 
Penelope: No!! It can eat people! 
Me: No, it doesn't eat people. 
Penelope (nervous giggle): Oh.

We're working on memorizing the 10th Article of Faith, which led to a discussion about which tribe we belong to (Ephraim). This was Ruby's prayer just a few minutes later.

Ruby: Thank you that we could belong to the tribe of Zeniff ...

Moses has felt a strong need this week to be entertained. Everyday he'd ask what we were going to do fun, and he had a tough time cleaning up or staying on task, or pretty much anything except one shining hour when he told me he was "trying to be like Jesus." In that hour he cleaned his own room, made Herbie's bed, helped Linus clean up his legos, etc.

Woo takes the kids to the potty before Sacrament meeting, but I took Linus today. I took him in the women's restroom.
Linus: Dad takes me in the boys bathroom. 
Me: I know, but I can't go in there, so we're going in here. 
Linus: What would happen if you went in there? 
Me: Ummm ... 
Linus: Would you go to jail?
I substituted Sunbeams again to day. At one point we reviewed the Creation and the kids got to pretend to be their favorite animal. The other kid chose a respectable lion. Linus crawled around snorting like a pig.

Now that I know Archie can talk, I've been able to get him to repeat quite a few words. Hat, shoe, etc. He requested the potty for the first time this week, "foof" and has started announcing results when he's already there, but he's far from trained. Just regular progress.

The kids were in torture being around so many bars of Mothers Day chocolate after church and no one even offering them some.
Linus: Can I have one, Mom? 
Me: Are you a mom? 
Penelope: I'm a mom! Mom, I'm a mom!! 
Me: Well ... you'll be a mom someday ... Ok ... you're probably a mom ... yes ... but the chocolate is for moms now.

Herbie was incensed that Ruby showed me the Mothers Day card he had made me yesterday and ruined the surprise. He did a lot of yelling and chased her around the room and almost cried. I guess he forgot that he'd run and showed it to me the second he'd gotten home from school on Friday and that we'd already read it together. He didn't believe me until he asked me what he'd put for the D in MOTHERHOOD. "Calling me dude" (which I don't). "Oh."

Woo finally got tired of working too much so he set up an hour-by-hour daily schedule. He was able to do things that he hasn't done in months -- weed dandelions, go on a few mountain bike rides ... He even ate three full meals a day for a few days, but that turns out to feel like too much food for him.

I celebrated my birthday and Mothers Day this week. I got two giant Symphony bars, even more chocolate, a dinner at an Indian restaurant, to watch Catching Fire (finally), breakfast in bed, several homemade cards and gifts (a smashed water bottle from Penelope). I haven't taken my annual day off yet, but that's coming up sometime in the next week or so. I'm in dire need of some new clothes.

Anyways, that's all I've got for the week. Happy Mothers Day!