One night after dinner Woo took Linus out and he learned to ride a bike. Woo said he thinks Linus was the fastest to learn yet. He sometimes forgets to steer or watch where he's going and will ride right off the road, but he's good to go.

No one was more excited for him than Penelope.

She was also the least likely to watch where she was going and most likely to run right into Linus and his bike.

Tonight during scripture study, Archie stood for the first time. The last three kids have learned to walk and/or stand during family scripture time. I thought it was because they wanted an audience. Woo says it's because they were inspired by the scriptures.

He kept repeating something over and over. It was either "Archie" or "I did." Another thing we've deciphered is "I foof" for potty related accomplishments.

Archie is also the fattest 15 month old we've ever had. When we took him in for his well-child check-up, we were expecting the doctor to say something about how little he is when she walked in (like they always do). When she didn't, we brought it up ourselves, and she said his weight was fine. Below average, but comfortably placed on all the charts. Way to go, Archie!

Now Penelope's making up scripture.
Penelope: Linus you just pushed me off! 
What would Jesus do? 
He say, "Don't! Push! Off!" 

I could tell that Herbie had just made a huge mistake and was about to learn an important lesson the second Linus burst into the house and yelled:
Mom! Herbie told me a secret! And I can not tell anyone the secret!
I think he spilled the beans immediately after that statement.

Herbie didn't finish his chore before school so had to do an extra one in the afternoon.
Herbie (fingering a piece of perfect length grass): The grass is getting long. 
Can I mow the lawn for my extra chore?
Me: Um, no. You can't even mow the lawn by yourself yet. 
Herbie: Yes, I can! 
I only need help when I'm going in a straight line.  
Me: Which is a pretty important part of mowing the lawn. 
Herbie: No!
Now that he's eight, Herbie fasted for one meal for the first time today. Immediately after church was out he fingered the chocolate someone had just given him and told me, "That was horrible! I'm never fasting again!"

He ran home, said a prayer to break his fast, devoured the chocolate, and started reading a book -- completely forgetting to actually eat anything else.

Moses taught the Family Home Evening lesson on Jesus' childhood, and even he learned something. He held up a picture of Jesus and Joseph working with wood.
Moses: And he learned how to be a carpenter ...  
But there isn't any carpet?!!
That's Moses and his mismatch socks on the left, waiting to give his talk in Primary.

Ruby spent some time setting up a library in her room. She stood books all along one side of the room, made herself a librarian name tag, made cards for keeping track of checkouts and also wrote out a chart. She wanted to offer drinks and refreshments as well, even going so far as to reveal that she was now saving up money to put in a vending machine, but I put my foot down to that.

Me: Ruby set up a library in her room.
Woo: I hope she didn't get out a marker and write in all the books ... like we did when we did the same thing ... or I'll have to get really mad ...
Ruby says there is a boy at school who likes her. Herbie confirms it. He's in sixth grade. Ruby's in third.

Here was my Sunday: Get kids fed and ready for church alone, teach YW, teach Sunbeams, bear testimony and wrestle with cranky Linus in Sacrament meeting, nap, fix dinner for us and Woo's home teachees, "entertain", walk, bedtime routine, get kids in bed, and ... I'm not exhausted mentally or physically. Hooray!!

Well, that's it. I hope you had a good week.