No pictures this week because of computer issues, but we'll hopefully be back in business next week.

Does this happen in other houses with small children when the mom pulls out a big bowl of cooked broccoli and starts spooning it out?
Penelope: I like broccoli!
Moses: Yeah, thanks for making broccoli, Mom. 
Hey! How come Linus got a big one like that and I didn't get any?
Although, Herbie threatened mutiny if we had salad again. I think we had it as a side five days this week -- I don't want the greens to go bad!

The kindergarten field trip was this week. They went to the fire station and the public library.
Moses: Guess what, Mom! We got to put on the fireman's clothes and we had a race and I was the fastest!
And later,
Moses: We had a race here, and I won everybody!
As much as I want to believe that Moses is always the best and the fastest, I'm not always sure that he is. I mean he is pretty fast. It is possible that he is. But it's also possible that he's not. Plus, it's kindergarten. Which is why my reactions to this sort of news are usually along the lines of "Hmmm, really? That's great." Which thankfully, seem to suit him just fine.

I can't remember if I've written this one before, but whenever anyone asks the kids where they'd like to go on their missions, Linus always gets a giant smile on his face and yells, "Idaho!!"

(FYI, Ruby wants to go to Germany or China. Herbie wants to go to Portugal or Egypt, and Moses wants to go to Portugal.)

Linus still enjoys a lot of attention. As the kindergarten bus drove away he told me: I know why all the kids on the bus are looking at me. Because I'm cute.

But hopefully we've instilled enough nerdiness in him.
Woo (looking at the smarties in Linus' hand): Did you get that cause you're a smarty?
Linus (in his most giggly, nasal, nerdy voice): No! I'm not a smarty! It's cause I was good in class!!!

Woo has started to help Archie pray by saying a simple prayer with words Archie can say like mom, dad, etc. and encouraging Archie to repeat him. He also tries to get Archie to repeat a few words of scripture after him, with minimal results. I realized this week that Woo has probably taught all of our kids to pray by doing it exactly in this way, as soon as the kids have been old enough to say a handful of words.

Ruby had a big week this week. The third grade had their patriotic program that Ruby loved. She's been singing patriotic songs for weeks, which has reminded Woo and I of all the patriotic songs we learned in grade school. Part of me is a little bit sad that for most people it ends there, and they never get sung again. I can't help but think that the country would be better off if we all sang some songs about our country more often.

Anyways, Ruby loved performing in the program. She would rock her hips during the intro to all the songs, and then belt them out as loud as she could. It was definitely my favorite school program of the kids' so far. I almost got teary-eyed a couple of times. I hope the other kids get to do it too, even though two of the teachers in charge are retiring this year.

Herbie and I have had some fun this week doing sprints around the house after dinner. The kids don't like to race me head to head anymore, but they like to do a staggered start to see if they can keep me from catching them, and also they like to race separately and compare times. Most of the fun for Herbie is probably getting to use the phone to time me or Moses.

Herbie and Woo had fun doing yard work and weeding dandelions (and yes, I think they both enjoy it). Herbie was in charge of moving the big trashcan around from dandelion patch to dandelion patch.

Woo was very neighborly this week. He helped our neighbor behind us move out old junk, helped the neighbor to the south move some stuff in their house. He went on a drive with the guy moving in behind us to see the land he wants to buy and build his dream house on. He talked to lots of neighbors about yaks and tillers and amtrak.

I'm still working on my book. I got some feedback and started some revisions, when I realized that really my biggest problem was that I hadn't planned enough. Of course, I had planned some, but I really needed to do more. First I had to learn what needed to be planned and how. Then I had to plan. I'm kind of in a plan some then write some section now. Anyways, it continues to be the perfect hobby for me. Very enjoyable and satisfying and perfect for winding down at the end of the day.

I also still love teaching the Laurels in YW. I have some really great Laurels, who give insightful comments at the drop of the hat. I've found that my lessons go best when I plan as minimally as possible. I pick some scriptures or a bit of a talk from the lesson, we read those, I ask some questions and the Spirit takes us from there.

Anyways, that's all for our week. Hope yours was great!