A friend of ours from St. Louis dropped by and shocked and impressed all the kids by ripping up a dandelion and chomping the flower. Moses has been doing it ever since. And smearing it all over his face to prove it.

Here he is on his field trip shooting from the firehose and putting on the clothes faster than anyone in the whole kindergarten (which may or may not be up for debate).

Me (waiting for Penelope to brush her teeth): Come here, Little Bum.
Penelope (crying): No!! I has a BIG bum!!!
Later ...
Me (singing our teeth brushing song): Brushity-brush brushity-brush, NellPea's little teethies get nice and clean ...
Penelope (crying through the toothbrush): No! I has BIG teeth!!

Inspired by Ruby, Penelope's written her own patriotic song:
Red, white and blue!
Red, white and blue!
Pink! Pink! Pink!!
And Penelope's word for scriptures: Uptures!

Unlike most parents, sometimes Woo and I get tired. And lazy. And mentally taxed. And in the heat of the moment we often threaten something ridiculous like: No school tomorrow! (And then we'll have to come up with some way the kids can "earn" going to school, so they can go to school ... )

Anyways, we decided that we needed to just a have a good go-to thing that we could use without having to put any thought into it. We decided on The Extra Chore (dunh, Dunh, DUNH) and told the kids about it the next morning.

Herbie (getting a giant smile on his face): Oh, fun!!

Here's Herbie doing a little yard work just for the fun of it.

And his first color guard, where he did whatever he could just to get a pinky on the flag.

Linus (encountering his first snapdragon): Dad? Do these have teeth?
Woo: No, it's a flower.
Linus (confused): But they have mouths ...

Apparently Herbie doesn't quite understand how allergies work.
Herbie: Dad, are you allergic to cats?
Woo: Yeah.
Herbie: How?! What happens if you see one?
Woo (under his breath): When I see one?
(out loud) I throw up all over the place.
Ruby: No you don't.
Woo: Yes, I do. See there's a cat. 
Blegh ...
Woo (on our walk): Sometimes I wish I was Amish.
Me: Why?
Woo: No cars.
Me: Or computers ... or internet ... or ....
Woo: Dang it, Technology! You win this round!

Ruby is constantly building forts or houses or club houses outside. This week she built a "cowboy house" under an under-utilized tree in the pasture. It has tall grass for walls, tree for a ceiling and strewn hay for a floor. Which is why it's called the cowboy house, of course.

Archie is still standing, but unwilling to take any steps. I think now that we've had three kids not walk until 18 months that it's probably safe to say that it's something we're doing. Maybe we're not pressing the issue enough because we really aren't worried about it, and he really is a great crawler. He's also a great dancer, and will really get into music, moving his head and singing until someone gets the camera out. Then it's time to stop.

I got my day off this week and had a lot of fun shopping. I feel like I've been wearing the same things over and over for years, and I have. And even when I have been shopping I rarely find stuff I like anymore. But this time was different. I got almost a closet full of new clothes thanks to Savers, Ross and H&M clearance. H&M was the biggest treat. I was thrilled to have one close by and even more thrilled to find so many clothes I liked and that fit.

Well, that's all for this week. Talk to you later!