We'd already told the kids there wasn't going to be one this year, but then last week we found out there'd be a Fathers and Sons Campout on the weekend. Except in our ward "campout" apparently means dinner at a campsite and then drive home. My boys were the only ones to stay and camp. Several (all?) people there tried to discourage them from camping. Woo tried to get to the root of the worries, and could only get vague, noncommittal concerns, so they stayed. Two people drove up later to check on them.

They did survive the night and had a great time.

It was close enough to home this year that they could ride their bikes (Linus rode in the trailer with the camping gear).

The highlights:
Woo (at dinner): No more root beer, Herbie!  
Moses (in front of everyone): Why not!?  
Woo: You know ...  
Moses: Oh! Cause he'll be up all night burping! 

Herbie loved roasting everyone's marshmallows. When he got home he told me he roasted one for the Bishop and several other indulgent men in the ward.

Linus stepped on a cactus with his bare feet and then rolled around in his sleeping bag until after 11PM. Ah, Linus -- our night owl. Of course he's been the Mr. Hyde to his usual Dr. Jekyll ever since.

While holding a broom right before naps and singing a little song to himself about sleeping and sweeping, Linus had an epiphany.
Mom! Sweep (sleep) and sweep (sweep) go together!!
Only for you, Linus. Only for you.

While the boys were gone. Ruby and I put Penelope and Archie to bed and then had a movie and treat night. We watched Goblet of Fire which she's been dying to see. For her treats she picked strawberry milk (because she still hates soda) and gummy worms. She really liked Neville and would laugh really hard whenever he was on, which if you know the kind of boy Ruby is interested in, is not surprising at all. We had a good time.

Herbie was super excited to participate in his first rain gutter regatta. Despite the victorious representation of Abraham Lincoln on the sail, Herbie lost both of his heats. None of us cried too much.

Penelope suddenly had a swollen eye yesterday, and we had no idea what caused it.
Woo: Did you get stung by a bee, NellPea? 
Penelope: Yeah. 
Woo: Hmmm. Did a dinosaur bite your face? 
Penelope: Yeah. 
Woo (leaning in close): Are you going through menopause? 
Penelope: Yeah. 
Woo: Something tells me that the source is unreliable.

Archie took a handful of steps for Woo and I last night. We cheered, Woo got out the camera, and then he refused to do it again. I guess I spoke too soon last week. If Archie starts walking this week, it will put him right at 17 months.

Here he is confusing this toy for a shoe.

Woo (hoarding chocolate from the kids): No, I'm saving these for me ... as a reward for putting on five more pounds.

About two months ago I started spending one of my evenings a week on FamilySearch. I really don't know what I'm doing, and I spent the first couple of weeks just piddling around the website. Anyways, last week I got an email from a woman interested in a man I'd added to my line. Woo read the email first and was so excited about it -- like I was already working miracles and reuniting families that were no longer speaking, and we finally had our ticket to an article in the Ensign.

But, when I looked at the guy she mentioned, I realized that he was one of the first guys I'd looked at and I had marked him as deceased without any proof. Anyways, long story short: he's marked dead. His niece tells me he's alive (but she wants to do his work when he does die). I can no longer find how I'm even related to him. And it's virtually impossible to bring someone back from the dead even on FamilySearch.

But, other than that it's been kind of fun.

Hope you have a great week!