We checked out the book Chitty Chitty Bang Bang by Ian Fleming from the library, which led to this conversation.

Linus: What's our car's name?
Me: It doesn't have a name. What do you want to name it?
Ruby: Red face!
Linus: Um. Uh. Um. Chitty chitty bang bang!
Herbie: Mine would be a football player. My favorite football player. Peyton.
Moses: Red face! (but after looking at Herbie's mad face, he decided to change it to) Peyton!
Moses: The car's name is Peyton Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Red Face!
Ruby: No, Manning.
Herbie: The car's name is Peyton Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Manning.

Speaking of Herbie, he sure likes those Betsy and Tacy books. Is it normal for an eight year old boy to request a book called Betsy's Wedding?

The Adventures of Tintin are also a big hit with everyone. They're probably Moses' favorite. Other than The Amulet books, but he's been banned from them, and can only read others under supervision, since sticking two pages of the last Amulet we got together in the corner. We had a bad experience last summer where we had to buy one slightly torn book and almost had to buy another because of fingerprint smudges, before I talked to the library head. After watching her sand off the smudges in a few seconds and tell us it would only be $2, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

This will probably make all librarians in the audience tear their hair out, but I preformed minor surgery on that Amulet book. It involved holding the stuck pages over a steam source, careful separation with the library card, a light sanding, and finally an ironing of pages. But no fine :).

Mister continues to be the biggest insult the little kids can come up with. Actually, that's not true. It's the biggest insult they're allowed to say (one of the school attending kids taught them butt head, but that will get them in trouble).

Penelope appeared to be having fun pushing all the other kids in the stroller, but then, all of a sudden, she tore out ahead, turned (her face full of rage) and screamed, "You guys are MISTER!"

Linus (tired and cranky and mad at Woo): Mister! Mister -- PINEAPPLE!

Linus: Do you want to see how high I can count?
Us: Yes.
Linus: 1-2-3 ...
He missed 15, which sent the three older kids into a fit of giggles, but Linus kept right on counting. Somehow he got from the 20s to the 50s. Soon he hit 57, then ended with pride at "fifty-eighty!"

The undisputed highest counter of any of our four year olds.

We had some visits this week. Grandma, Bruce and Konn came up for lunch one day. Bruce's walker continues to be a popular ride. Grandma picked up the twisted nail puzzle Kurt sent along for Herbie and Moses, and pulled them apart almost immediately. (It took quite a bit longer to put them back together again.) And Konn gave us all shoulder massages while we ate.

Another day Grandma and Grandpa came up. They brought two boxes of apricots with them, which the kids are just as excited about as candy. Penelope got this track suit from them, which everyone knows is one of the ideal outfits for muscle flexing.

Penelope: Oh! It's a shark!!
Me: Where?
Penelope (pointing to a bird): Way up in the sky!

We discussed Ruby's lesson on David and Goliath with her after church.

Woo: What's your Goliath, Ruby?
Ruby: Nikki. And Colton. Tim (He's in scouts with Herbie.) Brock and Sven ...

And I believe she would've kept going indefinitely, listing every person she'd ever argued with, if we hadn't stopped her to say that Goliath is not necessarily a person.

Here's Ruby in her warpaint.

Usually Ruby is the first name that our baby's say after Mom and Dad, but I haven't heard Archie say it yet. I did hear him say "Moses" twice this week, though.

Archie and Penelope play really well together. It reminds us of a little Ruby and Herbie playing together.

Woo's had one of those weeks, where his mind has focused on solving one riddle, and he's worked day and night until it's done. Which he finished last night -- hooray!

Well, that's all for the week. Hope yours was great!