Ruby memorized a section of The Proclamation on the Family for her talk today. She had a hard time with the word recreational.

Ruby: Successful families are established and maintained upon principles of faith, prayer, repentance, forgiveness, respect, love, compassion, work and wholesome resexual activities.

Woo and Herbie got into an argument about where Herbie would go on his mission (Herbie thinks it's already set in stone)

Herbie: I'm going to Brazil. I can count to a hundred!
Woo: Oh, well then! Faith, hope, charity and counting to a hundred qualifies him for the work!

Random Ruby:

Ruby: Wyatt, the know-it-everything!

Ruby: We're starting a club called The Chinese Family!

We've had a lot of arguments the week after the Uintas. Here are a few:

Penelope: NO! I am being nice!! I am going outside and locking you out!!!

Linus (after being lightly tapped by Moses): He almost killed me!!

Herbie pulled out Grandpa's "A little squeeze and a little snort" from the Uintas while I was enforcing mandatory hugs and kisses after some arguing. It lightened everyone's moods.

One of the blossoms in Moses' planter broke. He was trying to prop it upright when I told him it was gone. He sweetly and sincerely asked, "Would duct tape help?"

Ruby found a very revelatory statistic in her fact book, "90% of parents admit to sneaking some of their children's Halloween candy! MOM!!"

The Uintas was just the push Archie needed to start walking all the time. He's nineteen months. Congratulations, Archie -- the latest walker in the family, and the entire extended family.

The kids started swim lessons this week so we've been going down to an older part of the city every day. It's been fun to get out among a more diverse bunch of people again. One day, afterwards, while I was busy supplementing the kids' lesson, Woo noticed a couple of girls taking provocative pictures of themselves at the skatepark. I got to be the concerned, older woman to go tell them that they were worth much more than their bodies and that their Heavenly Father loved them. When I said that, hugging them seemed like the right thing to do, so I did. That really surprised Woo. Not because I'm a racist jerk, but because I rarely hug anyone other than my own husband and children :).

Of course, as we drove away they were back to their phones. But that's ok. Pretty much par for the course for me. And the people I have the most influence over anyways (my children) were there and we talked to them about it as well.

Woo's testimony stole the show last week, what with his witty jokes and talk of eternal families. But, I can't remember everything he said. Only what I said, so you'll have to settle for mine.

Oh, and we found this up Penelope's nose.

I hope you all had a great week!