Summer ended this week and we tried to get in all the fun we could in the last few days. First Woo hurt his back.

He insisted on giving me a piggyback on a walk. The first time went ok, but the second time, he felt like I kept getting heavier and heavier, and by the time we were done his back was out. He needed help getting in and out of bed, walking anywhere, dressing, etc.

A friend had invited us to swim in their pool the next day. While I was helping Woo out of the car and  hobble down the to the pool, Moses hopped in and promptly got in about an inch over his head. He was entirely powerless to bob or swim a foot to shallower water. Ruby threw a floatation device that he splashed away. Herbie yelled, than Woo yelled (he could barely move himself). I dropped Archie, the bag and jumped in with my clothes on. I think I've had to hop in for Moses once a summer since he was two, which is more saves than I ever made in my entire lifeguarding career. Gosh, I wish he would learn to swim or at least bob.

We went to the Ogden Temple open house, which was very nice. They didn't have cookies at the end, but they did have a new thing where they took your picture for free at the end. Woo and I both looked better in the first picture that they didn't email us. I promise. Kids still look cute, though.

The school's theme for the year is UP (from the movie), so there were balloons everywhere at back-to-school night. The kids each took at least two home, and in the car Woo said, "We're never going on vacation again."

Me: Why?
Woo: Because 10 balloons in a car is better than DisneyWorld.

We asked Moses if he knew how to get to his classroom from the bus, and he said no. We explained it to him, and he got excited. "I dreamed that last night! I've been dreaming about this my whole life! It's a miracle!!"

As I left Herbie and Moses after kissing them goodnight, I heard Herbie say, "What if nobody wants to be my friend anymore?" Moses answered, "I'll help you make friends. Don't worry, I'll find some people your own age."

The kids are already in that fun adjust-to-school mode. Moses has been sneaking. A lot. He ate a lot of the apricot leather Woo made with his mom, stole mints out of my room, and instead of cleaning his room Saturday morning, cut his hair. I was going to buzz it right away, but Woo suggested we keep it for a couple days, as a consequence. Church went ok, hopefully school does too.

Ruby told me that her eyes went crazy the first day of school, then there were holes in her vision, and her head hurt. She spent some time in the sick room before returning to class, and we decided that she'd had her first migraine. Or the first one we've known for sure. Her teacher told me hers are triggered by lack of sleep, and I'm sure Ruby tossed and turned all night long in anticipation of the first day of school.

Her teacher also told me that a boy from the special needs unit will be spending time in their class specifically because of Ruby. His teachers have noticed how kind and sweet she's been with him, and she'll be able to help when he comes in occasionally.

Penelope finally got the last of her Pretend Birthdays. She tried on her new clothes for us and did a little dance and kicked up her leg behind her for each new outfit. She was most excited for her treats, and has shared generously with all of us. Even Linus who said, "I want a throw up!" when he wanted a fruit roll up.

Here's some random stuff:

Woo (to me): You're beautiful when I'm mad.

Whenever I leave the house for a run, Linus and Penelope storm the backdoor crying, "Don't get run over, Mom!" and "Don't crash!"

Herbie learned to bunny hop three skateboards in a row. (This is the best picture I got, he was moving pretty fast, and most of my pictures just had three skateboards lying there.)

Archie's become pretty handy when I have a piece of trash I need thrown away. He's excited to carry whatever I hand him and walk across the house to deposit in in the garbage can. The only problem is that he also likes to toss in anything he finds on the floor in, and we actually need some of them. Like our shoes.

Overheard ...

Penolope: Where was you born?
Linus: In the bathroom at Idaho.

Me (talking about a man we know writing a book): He's writing an adventure--
Ruby: Like useless?!

It took me a several seconds to realize she was talking about Ulysses again.

Well, that's about it this week. I hope you all had a great one!