We spent a lot of time at the pool this week. The kids had swim lessons, which (as many of you can already guess) was a bit of a waste. Next summer I think I'll just get a pass. I considered it this year, but it would've been asking quite a lot of Archie since he naps from 12-3, and the pool first opens at 12. He'll only be taking a two hour, more flexible nap next year.

The best part of swim lessons was that the last day was a 2 hr party, where all the family was invited to swim, and they periodically had races and prizes between all the different levels. They learned more in that time than all the other lessons put together.

Linus was the very last kid of the lowest level to walk across the shallow end of the pool. He was also the shortest, had the biggest head, and was (in my indisputable opinion) the cutest.

Ruby is one very, very, very competitive girl. It was obvious from the get go that she wanted to win, and she might have too, if she hadn't moved in a diagonal path and covered more distance than anyone else. She got third, and won a few free passes. She got even more towards the end. Enough for us all to go a couple more times to the pool with them.
Ruby: Mom! Did you see me dive off the diving board?!
Me: Yes. And I laughed. And the lifeguard laughed too.
It looked exactly like this except she held her arms straight out in front of her.

Moses is the child that we most fear for his safety. He's fearless, going down all the slides and off the diving board, but not having an ounce of fat on him to help him float. And he has zero feel for even the simplest of things like how to bob.

He looks pretty good here, but the second he tries to kick or move his arms, he goes straight to the bottom.

Herbie doesn't like thrills, or he works up to them slowly, but he likes to work on tamer skills. An older kid taught him how to tread water during the party, and after I showed him the eggbeater kick a little more closely, he can do it. He also is halfway to a flip turn with his underwater somersaults.

Penelope was pretty bored watching the other kids during their lessons. She played with Archie some, asked me to take her to the potty about 10 billion times, and lined flip flops up into neat rows. She loves the water, and is at that scary stage where she'll just jump in and start "drinking" the water if it's a little deep.

Archie was super mad about the water at first, but Woo warmed him up to it. He's still not in love with it, though.

Woo is good at getting the kids to do stuff they don't want to do. Mostly by insisting. It gave me lots of flashbacks of being at the pool as a little girl with Dad. I probably only learned to dive and to swim across the deep end and jump off the diving board and bob in deep water and a bunch of other stuff I was too chicken to do because he insisted.

Woo and I went to a Beck concert this week. We seemed out of place, and not just because we sat on the ground during the entire opening act.

Well, that's about it for the week. Other than Linus yelling, "Hi! Mrs. Apricot!" to our neighbor named Mrs. Endicott. Hope you had a good one!