Woo left this for me after I told him of a humiliating social encounter I'd had earlier in the day. And then later that night we listened to a lot of music, trying to help an engaged couple pick out their reception playlist. Listening to lots of music always puts Woo in a good mood and brings back pleasant memories for him, but for me, it usually brings back painful, humiliating ones. 

Almost all of them from the same summer--the summer before I started dating Woo. My roommate Bonnie was either engaged or at least dating her husband, so she was never around. That left my friend, Karly, as my only hope for social interaction. Karly had just moved into a house with a group of cool, artsy girls who literally had a party at their house every night the whole summer. And I thought, well, I can do this. I can be cool--to disastrous results.

One night I went over and there were only about a ten people--much tamer than usual. A game was decided upon where a random song would be played and one person would act out the song or do some interpretive dance alone in the middle of the kitchen. The first person to go was a dance major; she obviously knew what she was doing. And the next and the next. A boy went, who was clearly not a dancer, but was hilarious. And then it was my turn. I stood in the kitchen, everyone looking at me. They started my song. I threw out a few awkward movements and then I had nothing. Absolutely nothing. Everyone was looking at the floor, the wall, the ceiling, anywhere but me. The song finally ended. I think one person went after me, but after that the game was over. The fun was gone. I left soon afterwards.
Me: I don't know what I was thinking. I think I thought it would be lamer for me to refuse to try. 
Woo (barely able to breath): You were wrong.
The summer ends well, because I met a boy at Karly's house who invited me to play Ultimate (which I'm a bit better at than dancing). Woo was there. I went to lots of gigs around town with Karly. Woo was always there, and he was always nice. Plus, some prodding from Tyson and Lyndy and one instance of me doing what I thought a "normal person" would do, and by some miracle, I got myself married.

Anyways, telling Woo that story and realizing it was funny was very cathartic. Maybe after telling him a few dozen more stories, all from that same summer, I'll be able to listen to music without pain again.

After seeing Penelope walk into several houses, spread her arms wide, look up at the ceiling and say, "Oh! My house is a lot bigger than this house!" I realized that she might not be understanding the meanings of bigger and smaller.
Me: NellPell, who's hand is bigger? Mine or yours? 
Penelope: My hand! My hand is much bigger! Your's is smaller!

Linus: Hey Mom! That's a batman sign down there!

Ruby had a swollen eye last week, a swollen upper lip and a rash this week, a migraine the week before--this getting back to school thing is rough on her body (and us).

Woo (greeting me after my run): Archie was a terror!

And he suddenly is. Every second he's got a hand in the flour, or in the oats, or in the garbage. Or he's pulling food off the counters, or out of the fridge. I find him walking out of Woo's office with Woo's wallet or Woo's keys. Or he's standing on the table or the window sills. Or dumping food on the living room carpet.


Woo took the three oldest boys to their annual free football game. Linus had absolutely no idea what was going on. He wanted to know if the players could drive. An important piece of information to help him gauge how old they were. 

Woo accused Herbie of having the smallest bladder in the world. There was a bit of a disagreement before it was decided that Herbie had actually used the potty three times in the hour and a half they were there. Always makes for a fun outing.

Moses is loving first grade. His favorite part is lunch. He comes home every day convinced that he was the best behaved kid in the first grade. I don't think that's entirely true, but I'm not going burst his bubble.

Hope you all had a great week!