One night there was a loud thunderstorm. Linus told me that he had said lots of prayers--that the thunderstorm would go away, that he would be safe, and that he could go back to sleep. I asked him if he said his prayers in his head or out loud. He said out loud. I thought it was so sweet to think of little Linus scared in bed during a thunderstorm, saying his prayers out loud.

The most exciting thing that happened to me this week happened in Walmart. I walked down an empty aisle in Walmart and was followed by three teens. I was suddenly on high alert--very aware of everything they were doing (pretending to look at stuff on the shelves, but mostly keeping tabs on me), and I felt really unsettled. The feeling was so palpable, I almost asked them what they were doing, but the thought entered my head, "Just leave." So I did. I came back and got what I needed later.

Ruby's back-of-the-cardboard-box family history work.

Moses went to school with his crazy hair without incident. I don't think anyone even said anything about it except one kid who thought it was cool. At any rate, I buzzed it all off Monday evening, and there's not enough there for him to be cutting it again anytime soon.

Herbie discovered my Edgar Rice Burroughs Tarzan of the Apes. He loved it and read parts of it aloud to all the other kids. Good thing there's only about 200 books in that series (Okay, a little over 20). He'll get tired of them before we run out. At least, I've never read them all.

One afternoon, I left Penelope and Archie buckled in the car with Woo, while Linus and I ran in to check the older kids out of school. Penelope wanted to come too and asked "Archie, can you help unbuckle me?" Archie was more than willing to help. He reached over and made some noises. But, if you can believe it, Penelope remained buckled.

Archie has been going to nursery for about two months now. Almost every time we pick him up, they tell us, "He is so good! He is an example to all the other kids!" Way to go, Archie.

Better watch your reading nest, Moses, or Archie's going to steal it.

Ruby: I like the way old people walk.  
Me: Why?  
Ruby: I don't know, look (pointing to an elderly couple pushing a grocery cart). They're just slow. 
Of course, nobody moves as fast as Ruby.

Ruby: Mom, I think you should start a bed and breakfast--just fix up the shack! (In the back pasture) 
Woo: Ye-es ... Welcome to our theme rooms. This one is called Chicken Coop. 
And this one is called Under the Trampoline. You might find it looks quit similar to under the trampoline. Let's hope it doesn't rain.  
This one is called the Back of Our Station Wagon. It's quite romantic once we remove the car seats.  
This one is called Storage Room ...  
And lastly, Archie's Room. If you look to your left you'll see ... Archie.
I hope you all had a great week!