I know this is kind of surprising for me to say because we didn't have such a great day today, but I think this is the best back-to-school period we've had in four years. I don't know if it's because I'm not pregnant or caring for a newborn, or whether we've learned a few tricks, or whether the kids are getting older, or whether I'm just better at handling craziness now. Probably a bit of everything. I haven't really noticed an adjustment period in Herbie at all. Anyways, I'm happy to be able to enjoy fall again, with only a few hiccups.

I spent Monday morning on the phone with the original Urgent Care clinic, our insurance and other orthopedic clinics trying to find my own hand specialist to get a cast on Moses ASAP.  This was actually a much more pleasant experience than you might expect. Our insurance and the other clinics had excellent customer service. The original clinic is still seemingly stuck in the dark ages, and we won't be going there again. Anyways, we were able to get Moses in Monday afternoon, and we could all breath a collective sigh of relief.

After I accidentally stepped on Linus' foot:
Linus: Mom! You almost broke my foot thumb!!
Me: Your big toe?
Linus: No! My foot-thumb! 
Me helping Moses with his first bath since the temporary cast.
Moses: I'm going to get really clean!
Me: It feels good doesn't it?
Moses: Yeah, except this hand (with cast).
Me: It'll be a long time before that hand gets really clean.
Moses: It'll have flies flying around it. Like a horse. 
I certainly hope not.

After her bath, I watched Penelope walk out of the bathroom strategically holding a bench in front of her. She backed into her bedroom, yelling at everyone to "Don't look at my's bum!" I'm happy to see that we finally have one child with an ounce of modesty.

Woo (while Moses "lies" on his back): My goodness! That kid has seventeen elbows! Each one sharper than the last!

Ruby and I went to the 10AM session of the Ogden Temple dedication, leaving all the other kids alone with Woo. We returned to an uproar. Apparently Archie had lifted the lid of the bucket of powdered milk, dumped lots of it all over the floor and then peed in it.


I think Archie's new found penchant for disaster is taking us a bit off guard because Penelope was so tame. All she ever wanted to get into was the kids' dishes. Actually, maybe all the kids except Ruby and Archie have been pretty tame. Ruby was the mess-making king. I can remember that going in anyone else's house was torture because I could never relax for even a second. People would say, "Oh, she can't hurt anything in here." Oh, yes. Yes she could.

This afternoon the little kids asked Woo, who was lying on the couch in a stupor, for some "ribbits."
Herbie: Come here, Linus. I'll give you some ribbits.
Woo: Herbie, you're twice the father I've ever been.

Woo got to fulfill a life long dream of playing around with a metal detector. Some friends brought a few over and they found some old spoons, a toy firetruck, an old cap gun, some other recent coins, and some junk. Of course.

We did get shown all the fun stuff that the serious treasure hunters have found over a period of 9 years or so, and it was pretty impressive. Guns from the 1800s, the State of Utah commemorative spoons, lots of antique rings, lots of antique coins, some pretty neat locks, fobs, needle case covers--lots of stuff.

Well, that's about it. Hope you're enjoying your September.