Woo and I reached our 11 year anniversary this week. I kind of wanted to take a picture of us kissing and all the kids running around like crazies to show our 11 year results, but that never happened. Maybe next week. (I know you can't wait.)

We made no plans for our anniversary until the very last minute, when we decided to do sealings and go to lunch. I had a devil of a time finding a sitter, since it was UEA, and eventually just gave up. Woo called his mom, who lives close to a temple and had said she wanted to see the kids. We dropped by Lyndy's on the way home for a short visit. Sorry we didn't catch everyone, we didn't really plan it very well.

We spent the last day of UEA hanging out in the living room. Woo and I laid on the couch and the kids played with a pile of dolls and clothes that a neighbor had dumped off at the house this week. Sometimes it's nice to just lie around and do nothing.

Herbie came home from scouts all excited to tell me that he was the only one to get 500. (We'd talked about my glory days playing 500 in grade school during his last story night.) It turns out that he was the only one to get 500, but some other kids got things like 550, 675, and 7,200.

Woo and I figured out Grandma Marva's age.
Woo: Wow! Are you going to live that long? 
You're going to live 20 years longer than me! 
Moses (nodding in agreement): You eat too many potato chips.

Me: I think you're stinky, NellPea. 
Nellpea: No! Liney is stinky! I can hear him from here!!
Even after I explained that smells are something we experience through our noses and sounds are things we hear through our ears, she still insisted that she could hear how stinky Linus was.

Moses got his cast off this week, but it wasn't healed. Another three weeks in a new cast :(.

Death by pumpkin.

Linus in his car.

Just a few math equations for the road.

Oh, another thing that happened this week is that the kids had parent teacher conferences. Woo had to go into work that day for a meeting. He took the car, so the kids and I rode our bikes. It took an hour. Penelope or Archie or Linus cried almost the entire way there. Ruby did a lot of complaining that we had to go the speed of the slowest rider. Moses and Herbie were great.

When we got to the school and I got kids out of the trailer, there was a huge pile of Penelope's hair in Archie's hand. Later, while crying down the hall on the way to the next teacher, Penelope walked straight into a corner. Let's just say that conferences with Ruby and Herbie's teachers were less than ideal. Moses' went pretty well, mostly because the playground was just out the door and I sent everyone but Archie out there.

Well, that's our week. Hope yours was great!