Penelope's decided that her new favorite book is the classic Miss Nelson is Missing.  She'll laugh and laugh and request it many times, which is fine with me. Every time I read that book I think, "This book is pure genius!"

Anyways, Penelope likes to say, "I'm a little Miss Nelson!" in her bad guy voice. Which makes me think she really thinks she's the wicked Miss Viola Swamp. She also likes to run around and snap, "Never mind that!"

One night when I was asking Herbie what his favorite moment from the day was, he said, "Oh! Seeing Moses at recess and playing flies-up with him!" and from across the room, Moses said, "That was my favorite moment too!"

Herbie won't wear his bike jersey to school anymore because he says everyone says it's weird and stupid. It's hard to figure out how to tell him that just because all the other 2nd graders don't know what it is, doesn't actually mean it's stupid. Especially without disparaging the other 2nd graders.

Moses: Triceratops--cera means three in dinosaur language.

One day this week, maybe on Wednesday, Moses carefully sounded out and correctly read every word in his scripture during scripture time. Even the long, tricky ones that we had previously believed were over his head. When we all clapped, and Woo said, "I don't think I've ever heard you read that well, ever, Moses!" He said, "I decided to try my best." And he's read that well every day this week. Amazing what a change in attitude can do.

The kids got into the costume bin to pick out their costumes for Halloween and Ruby put on the US Space Camp uniform we have and pulled on a chicken beak and announced she was going to be "a chicken in space," which I thought was brilliant, but apparently she didn't. Because she immediately changed her mind to zombie and then Harry Potter. I keep trying to talk her back into it, but she's refusing because she "was just joking, Mom!" Anyways, it's probably time for me to back out now and let her be whatever the heck she wants to be. I never should've gotten involved in the first place, but darn it, everyone's going to be a zombie ...

Linus had a very successful talk in the primary program. He learned his talk easily, delivered it flawlessly, and there was an audible, collective sigh from the congregation as he finished. Someone accused him of having an unfair cuteness advantage. (It helps to be the only 4 yr old in the ward.) So when he got his assignment for a talk in Primary next week, he was super excited and wanted to start on it as soon as we got home from church. We've begun today, and he's unfortunately not too excited to remember that it takes a bit of work before you can get to that moment of glory.

I was a little too optimistic when I started putting Archie on the potty. Most (but not all) of my kids have been trained about 2 months after they've started walking, and I wasn't expecting Archie to not only crawl up to 18 months, but past it to 19. Anyways, here we are at about 2 months out, and he's starting to make important progress. He goes on demand and will hold it while out of the house. How long it takes him from here, really just depends on what he decides. He could make up his mind next week (But my hopes aren't up, seeing how he doesn't seem to have a trailblazer mind set--more of a sit-back-until-I-have-to one.) It probably depends a bit on his reward. He's happy right now to receive a bite of ice cream for a success, but I'm not sure it's exciting enough to put him over the top. I'll reevaluate in another week or two.

Well, that's about it. Hope you had a good week!