This week was sandwiched between extended family. We saw Woo's family last Sunday for a family dinner and to see his brother, Kevin and family, in town, and on Saturday we saw my family for Taija's baptism.

Herbie was very excited to see his older cousin (a freshman at BYU), and stuck to him like glue. It reminded me of the last wedding reception we went to (actually a non-wedding reception, but that's a long story). Herbie parked himself next to the (non)groom and his friends for most of the time we were there. I wonder how old he really thinks he is.

Herbie and I have played a lot of catch in the last couple of weeks. For not being much of a baseball fan, I find playing catch to be surprisingly fun. And Herbie and I are just about the same level--8 year old boy. I have an edge on catching and he has an edge on throwing.

Archie had a love/fear relationship with Kevin and Margaret's dog, Ollie. He used a toy spatula as a tool to pet Ollie, and he did a lot of laughing. Nervous laughing. It's the same laugh he uses when we have to walk past the horses behind our house.

I also loved watching him run up to a crying Penelope a few days ago with his arms outstretched and making kissing noises, which he planted on her back. It was just what she needed.

Penelope loves the leaves on the grounds right now. She likes to pick up a whole armful on our walks. And if she happens to take an armful into the library, she likes to drop them all right in the middle of the floor the second her mother notices them.

Woo has had an extremely busy week, but he still managed to make it to Herbie's pack meeting, go for a walk with Ruby, help out with Moses' class Halloween party (and dress up as an escaped convict so policeman-Moses and friends could chase him at recess), bear his testimony with a story about Penelope, and sit with all the crazy Halloween-high kids alone, while I waited in line for mine.

Moses (on our way out the door for trick-or-treating): Mom, sometimes people give out healthy food...
And you say thank you, even though it's healthy. 

Penelope discovered that when people lowered their bowl of candy at the door, she could grab a handful, and then another, and then another, without them even saying a thing. Then she tried the exact same thing today with the Sacrament bread.

Ruby has been so much better this fall at home, but we found out that she's moved all her moody behavior to Primary. Also those cool kids at school are a problem. Not only do they not like her, but they're actively mean to her. Feel free to shoot up a prayer or two in her behalf.

Linus has been in a pretty crabby mood all week. Almost as soon as we started learning his talk, he refused to even try. I just kept repeating it to him every once in awhile, and one day I bribed him to try the first part with a piece of candy. He spit out the whole talk right then, perfectly. He told me he'd practiced by himself and "learned it in the middle of the night." That little stinker.

Here I am in my natural state: surrounded on four sides by children everywhere I go.

Well, that's about it. Hope you all had a great week and a happy Halloween!