This week was better. Wednesday was a low point for me, which was mostly my fault. I couldn't get to sleep and then woke up early because I was too excited for the future (?!?!?). I know. Unfounded and crazy. Anyways, when I did get out of bed Wednesday I felt terrible and was as stiff as a board. After getting the big kids off to school, I laid on the floor all morning while the little kids played with legos. And it could only go up hill from there.

Ruby had her first school spelling bee. She and I were both excited when she got the study list and started out strong, but the time change hit us, and many times it felt like we were just clinging to air, holding out until the end. She managed to qualify for the school bee against a tough group of kids and did great in the real thing. She got 10th, which I think is perfect for a 4th grader. High enough to be hungry for the win, but not so high that she's paralyzed by pressure the next year. Anyways, so much of the spelling bee is nerves and luck (even for us parents!); it was fun to watch.

Herbie lost two things this week, his scout shirt and his library book. He remembered his library book the day before it was due, made a very thorough search, then asked me to pray with him, then went off again by himself and found it in an unlikely place in Moses' room. He remembered the scout shirt on his way out the door, ran around with his head cut off--frantic--until I shined a light in his favorite stash place in his room. There it was.

Sometimes we go five years without getting a babysitter. Other times we get two in one day. One of the boys Woo worked with as YM Pres in St Louis got married in the temple here Friday, and we were able to go to the sealing in the morning and luncheon in the afternoon.

We really enjoyed ourselves, and the kids had a ball while we were gone. Penelope got to play with her best friend while Linus dressed up as a wiseman and Archie as a cow in the morning. In the afternoon, they made movies of themselves with a helium app and found squirrels outside with "Tanner Jon."

When I asked Linus what his favorite thing of the day was, he said, "Being a scary bear with Jon. That was funny!"

Both sitters told us how good Archie was, and how he was so mellow, and good, helped clean up, etc. And we're always kind of surprised that people are surprised. Aren't all 1-2 year olds that way? But maybe we don't appreciate him like we should.

Moses saw a new friend from church at school.
Me: Oh, did he say hi to you? 
Moses: No. I said hi to him. He didn't even know who I was.  
Herbie: I know why. Moses is taller in his church clothes.

Penelope got to see her old pal Aunt Alisa today, when Alisa and her family dropped by for a visit. Alisa wasn't wearing sunglasses on her head, so I wonder what Penelope will be running around with to help her be Aunt Alisa for the next few days.

Apparently Woo's biggest disappointment in marriage is that I don't make mashed potatoes and gravy often enough. I've had my moments, but they've never been something I've enjoyed making. (Or eating.) Anyways, he made his own today, so we both could be happy. Thanks, Woo!

Well, that's about it. Hope you all had a great week!