Christmas Quotes and Pics 2

Herbie: Mom are you going to be forty in May? 
Me: No, not this May. I'll only be 39. 
Moses (after a second): But Mom, you are going to be forty in May, because when you turn forty it will be May.
So, I guess the answer to that question was actually yes.

Archie: When I grow up and am a dad, I'll be a dolt!
We've not yet bothered to tell him he means adult.

Me: You know what, Archie, after you're a dad you get to be a grandpa. 
Archie (gasping and bouncing): Yay! A funny grandpa? 
Me: If you want. 
Archie: I want to be a funny grandpa!

One night Moses said his prayer in a sad, sad voice. At least he tacked this on in the middle, "And please help me to not sound like I'm sad... "

Archie (hugging his family history coloring book from Great Grandma Marva): Hamry fristry! I'm doing hamry fristry!

Me: What's your favorite present, Nellpea? 
Penelope: All of it! I love everything!

But of course there were soon kids complaining about toys already broken.
Woo: And that is why we celebrate Jesus. He's the only gift that never breaks. The only gift that truly makes us happy.
Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Christmas Quotes and Pics

One night we went to look at the nativity outside the temple.
Me (thinking I'm asking a thought-provoking question): And what does Jesus have to do with the temple? 
All the kids: It's Jesus' house!
Oh yeah. Duh.

We got A LOT of snow this week. Penelope unwisely decided to venture in the deepest parts, gloveless, carrying a cold metal can. Within minutes she was crying. Ruby bounded straight to her, handed Penelope her gloves and snatched the can herself. What an awesome older sister to have.

Linus (trying to get us to guess his drawing): Who is this? This baby? Who is this Son of the Highest? This King of heaven and earth? 
Anita: Is it the baby Jesus? 
Linus: Yes!

One nap Archie didn't sleep, but sang The Messiah instead.
The Prince of Peace! Unto us a Son is born. Unto us a Son is given. The Prince of Peace! Everlasting Father! The Prince of Peace!
Archie (drinking his powerade): Mom, why's it blue?  
Me (recognizing he has an answer to this question): Why?  
Archie: Cuz power's in it!

For months I've been keeping a list of everything the kids specifically ask for on my phone. This is Archie's entire list.
  • Phone
  • Laptop
  • Apple Watch
  • Camputer
He did not get any of those, but I think he was still happy.

To be continued...

Ruby's Birthday