Ruby is now 10 and Archie is 2. In a lot of ways, Ruby is the exact same person she was when she was 2. She's quick to make friends, and their names just aren't that important to her.
Ruby (2 weeks ago): Mom! This is my friend! Her name is-- What's your name again?
She told me about her again after seeing her at the ice rink and still didn't know her name. She referred to her as "that girl I showed you."

She loves free junk. She had a dream recently where the lost and found at school was open to everyone, and you could take anything you wanted. You better believe she loaded herself up with all the discarded hats, scarfs, mismatched gloves, backpacks, lunch boxes, etc. she could carry. Too bad it was only a dream.

She's still an excellent friend to those who need a friend. The parents of her autistic friend were so grateful, they gave her a sweet card and box of candy from Sees for Christmas. She says everyone on the bus mobbed her for the candy. She came home with most of it except for a chocolate santa she sold to some kid for $10.

Archie has hit his talking explosion. He says "I want some!", "Read it!" and even "Bad guy did it!" while running away after hitting Penelope in the head. He's done with whole milk, and he's done with the sippy cup. He thinks that he's the owner of my lap, and will get upset if anyone else is there. Penelope moved up to Primary this week, leaving Archie the only regularly attending kid in our nursery.

Some one picked us for the 12 days of Christmas and left (thankfully) small gifts on our porch every night. On about night three, Ruby tore open the door almost the second they knocked, yelled "I see you!!", told us it was a boy wearing a white coat and was completely unable to tell us who it actually was.

Herbie saw them the next night. "A boy with a green coat." But, again, no idea who it was.

One night the knock came after most the kids had already gone up the stairs for bed. Only little, broken-leg Linus was downstairs.

I asked him, "Do you want to get the door, Linus?" at the same moment he realized that he could actually be the first kid to the door (because he was the only kid there...). It almost broke my heart to see his face light up with glee, limp as fast as he could to the door, fumble with the door knob in excitement, yell, "Hey! Hey!" out into the night, and then grope at the treasure on the door stop until he could pick it all up. He limped back to us with the goods, absolutely elated.
Linus (eating his treat later): Mom, this not healthy. Things that are yum, are not healthy.

Penelope's favorite Christmas song is "Chelsey's days." That's from the "in excelsis Deo" in "Angels We Have Heard On High," of course. All of the kids think it's my song.

Here's another one from Penelope. Can you tell what "brown beans for dogs" is? Dog food.

Moses and Herbie have done a lot of wrestling over the break. Mostly instigated by Moses, but Herbie is more than happy to comply. Moses even tried to tackle Archie one time (which didn't go over too well for Archie), and me (which didn't go over too well for Moses). Turns out I'd rather pin my opponent to the floor than roll around the living room a few dozen times, and then I decided to tickle. This enraged every male in the household because it's "against the rules." How was I supposed to know?

We've been working our way through all the kids for our monthly fasts, and this month we were on Moses.
Us: What would you like us to fast for you, Moses?
Moses: For you to buy me a football costume with shoulder pads and shorts!! 
Once we explained some things that would be more appropriate, he wanted:
To know better multiple-cation!

Even when the temperature is in the single digits, Herbie is always insisting that he isn't cold. And maybe he isn't. He's still a kid, and he is constantly moving. Shortly after this picture, he took off his coat and then his snow pants because he said he was too hot.

I, on the other hand, begged Woo to let me wear the orange-suit-of-warmth, and he graciously complied. He had a stretchy-denim, corduroy number to wear, and I'm pretty sure he made several people's day when he wore it snowboarding right afterwards.

Well, that's it for now. I hope you all had a great week!