Monday was a payday as a parent. Ever since Ruby and Herbie have been baptized and received the Holy Ghost, we've spent a lot of time trying to help them recognize when they are not feeling the Holy Ghost and what they need to do to get it back. Sunday evening I noticed something that appeared to be a breakthrough for her, and she proved it Monday morning when she and Herbie got into a little tiff over some spilled milk and she admitted her mistake, then made up with him all on her own. This was a big deal for her.

Then later, Linus wanted me to put together a race track for him. I told him no because I a) had just put it away myself so I could vacuum, and b) was in the middle of scrubbing a toilet. There was a lot of whining, and then suddenly it was quiet. When I walked back through the living room, he'd already put it together all by himself.
Me: You figured out how to put it together, Linus! You are so smart!  
Linus: Heavenly Father and Jesus helped me put it together.  
Me: Oh, did you say a prayer?  
Linus: Uh-hun, they didn't want me to whine.  
I asked them if they knew how to put it together, and they did.  
Me: How did you know what they said?  
Linus: I was talking to them in my head. 
I was so incredibly proud of him. Not so much that he'd put it together without my help, but that he'd relied on his Heavenly Father and then got to work.

This is how Penelope says passed gas/tooted/whatever--Who pasted gasted!?

Also, this is what she says when she wants to hurl a horrible insult at someone: Linus! YOU are MISS-US!!

Sitting with Penelope in church this week I was reminded of what she'd said to me last week, so I whispered in her ear, "I had a good Christmas with YOU, Penelope!" Then I planted a kiss on her cheek. And she wrinkled her brow and snapped, "I already knew that!"

Archie's discovered the classic Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb, which he calls Dum, Dum! And he's just generally adorable, and just watching him walk is entertaining.

Herbie was very proud of the picture he drew for the Friend magazine. It's actually the second one he drew. The first one was on lined scrap paper and he spent about three minutes on it. I encouraged him to think of it as rough draft and draw another one. I'm not sure he spent anymore time on it, but the paper is nicer.

Moses lost another tooth. The tooth fairy is running a little behind. I think she owes him for two teeth ... He keeps saying, "Write yourself an email to remember to put money under my pillow!" and then somehow, I can't even remember to do that. Anyway, that's my goal for this week. Get the tooth fairy all caught up.

Woo pulled out a navy pair of long johns with a back flap this week, which made Linus laugh and laugh and then want to pull on his own matching pair of red long johns.

After I wrote last week about following the prompting to write weekly emails, one of our friends from St. Louis wrote back that actually all commandments from God are that way. As we do them, even if it's not always easy, or doesn't make the most sense, eventually (and sometimes it's a long eventually :), we come to realize that by doing them, we are actually getting exactly what we've always dreamed out of life.

Well, that's about it. Hope you had a great week!