We had a good week, but I'm not remembering much of it. We finally made it to the see the remodeled Bean Museum over the holiday.

The live animal show was a big hit with all kids over five. The younger kids were tired and bored.

Moses the Brave.

Woo watched the kids while I went to a baby shower. Moses cracked his head hard on the ice. I wish that kid would quit hitting his head every other week...

Ruby played hockey against a dog at the rink. No word on who won.

We showed the kids The Sound of Music for the first time, and they loved it. Herbie keeps walking around the house singing "How do you solve a problem like Maria?"

Linus says, "I wish that girl was my mother."

At least I have Herbie who spent a significant amount of time this week trying to be "Mom's good boy!"

Archie's still doing very well on the potty.

Linus--"Mmmm, this feels good."

Penelope is picking up the ABCs. Linus has been teaching her and Archie what he knows, and we've been reading Dr. Seuss' ABC book, which is the easiest, most successful way I've found to teach kids the ABCs.

Woo's working hard on a redesign of his SpaceMonkey app. He had two nights of two hours of sleep or less--not fun.

I made Indian lentil fritters that everyone but me choked down. There was a giant bowl of leftovers that I graciously offered to take care of myself over the week. I don't mind. I like them. On the flip side, I made naan for the first time. Everyone loved that.

That's about it. I hope you all had a great week!