Almost seven years ago I was in the shower when the Spirit said to me, "Write a weekly email like Woo's dad and send it to your family." So I did. Not every week, but close to every week. Woo helped me take pictures and record things the kids had said or done, and even if I was dead tired, I would sit down and try to spit out something, because I had plans to compile them somehow, someday, and gift them to my kids when they turned eighteen or so.

But last night I had a sudden insight into how much I was going to enjoy reading old emails and looking at pictures when my little kids have grown up and left the house. I was really touched to realize that this whole time my Heavenly Father knew that this wasn't just a gift for my kids, but a gift for me.

For my whole life I'll be able to look at their cute faces and laugh and remember things in a way I never would've been able to, if I hadn't written them down. I really consider it one of the best gifts I've ever received--to always have a treasure trove of happy memories and images from this time in my life at my finger tips.

Herbie (reading): What the... ? It says Bruce R McKonkie... Is that Bruce? (aka's Grandma Marva's Bruce)
Herbie: Mom, if I get two or three more teeth, can I get braces? 
Penelope was sitting in my lap today in church when the speaker said the word "Christmas." She turned around and whispered really loudly, "Mom! I had a good christmas with you!" Then she planted a big kiss on my cheek.

Penelope's new parlor trick:
Mom! Look at my bloodness!

Linus was in the middle of telling Archie where Jesus lives, when Penelope interrupted.
Penelope: No, he actually died.  
Linus: No, NellPea. He came alive again.  
Me: He was resurrected, NellPea. He's alive.  
Penelope (gasp, eyes big, little squeal): I'm going to give him a hug!!!
Of course, I think she thinks we mean he'll be by next week to visit or something.

Moses giggled a bit after reading the word "notwithstanding." Then he issued the command, "Sit on the floor! Notwithstanding!"

Moses and Linus bumped heads really hard last week. Moses let out a really painful scream, then cried while holding his head for a while. He seemed ok, but kept complaining about it hurting the next day, so I let him stay home from school. Almost the second the older kids had gone, he was up and playing like normal. I have to be on my guard, now that I know he's capable of feigning sick to get out of school.

Linus, btw, just keeps praying and getting his prayers answered. It's kind of exciting.

Archie's getting really, really close to being potty trained. He's had several dry days this week. He just turned two, which is my latest kid (by about four months), but I just couldn't get myself worked up about it. Also, I think I might have underestimated the effect having a new baby in the house has on the old baby. It makes them want to grow up. Another thing is that I would put Archie in a diaper when we left the house. I thought it wouldn't matter, because with Penelope it didn't, but now I think he could tell I wasn't completely committed. We went completely diaperless about two weeks ago. I took extra pants and underwear everywhere we went because there were accidents, but he got the message. He's stepping it up now.

Ruby has wanted to be in the church choir for a long time. In fact, a couple weeks ago when the choir sang their Christmas number, she stood right up and joined them. Woo and I just looked at each other and shrugged.  Today she and Herbie stayed after church for their first practice, and they seemed pretty excited about it when they got home.
Ruby (listing songs in her piano book): ... and "Happy Family When We're Helping"...

Woo decided that the kids needed to experience some Mad Libs. He looked some up online, took the oldest kids to the library to print some off and came back excited to share the joy. But he got pretty frustrated pretty quick when none of the kids knew what an adjective was, or a verb, and only Moses knew what a noun was. And they didn't get any better with practice. Finally, he shoved the stack of papers aside and said, "Well, I'm not going to be Dad of the Year today after all."

He laid on the couch for a few minutes, but later recovered to help the kids build a giant marble maze and then play a game of hockey with Ruby and Herbie at the ice rink. Sounds pretty close to Dad of the Year to me.

Well, that's about it. Hope you all had a great week!