Ruby works best while singing. Usually she'll sing a real song, but this week she came up with her own motivational tune:
1-2-3 til you're done. You can fun--when you're done! 
She must rub her blanket back and forth over her head while she sleeps.

Our kids are in the minority here. They tell us all their friends want to go to Utah State.
Herbie: I want to go to BYU.
Ruby: I want to go to BYU too.
Linus: Are there beautiful girls there? 
Which is the most important consideration.

Herbie's friends at school have formed a club-- The Brotatoes. Is that a thing or something, and I've just never heard of it?

Today Herbie and Moses played a game where they fought for the hand of the princess (Penelope) in marriage.
Moses: Every girl in town's in love with me!
Herbie: But I'm the most handsome! 
Penelope's preferences were not considered. I hope this isn't setting anyone up for unrealistic expectations later in life...

Later, Herbie decided to fight for Princess Ruby, who refused to play along, which made Herbie mad. He said that according to the game rules she HAD to agree to marry him, but Ruby kept saying she wanted to marry Archie.

Moses spent some time upstairs running back and forth between his room and the bathroom mirror to come up with this ridiculous outfit.

Moses: It's not ridiculous! It's awesome!! 
Linus home teaching:

Linus: I see something up there that looks like a banana!
You mean the moon?

Penelope and Archie were sick this week. When Penelope gets sick, she is no longer her independent self, but is very dependent. She cries if I don't hold her hand while going downstairs or walking across the lawn. She won't play or sit by herself. "I want to be with you!" is what she cries.

Poor Archie seems a little confused about being sick. Like he's not quite sure why things aren't working out well for him. He keeps trying to do what he always does, but with a sad, miserable look on his face.

I hope everyone realizes that Woo takes a good portion (most?) of the pictures I send in the email, and definitely all of the good ones. The ones he doesn't take, he's usually just told me, "Do you have your camera? We need a picture of this."

Well, that's it for this week. Hope you had a good one!



A lot has happened the last two weeks--this may not make a lot of sense. Linus turned five. We had a weekend in Park City, Valentines Day, plus everything else.

Linus was really looking forward to his birthday, and I think it went over well. His "quadrocopter" was a big hit. But he ate hardly any of his treats. I don't know if he was just so excited he couldn't eat or what. He gave away almost all of them and had to save his "strawberry, blueberry cake" for breakfast.

He's spent a lot of time pretending to be Luke and getting anyone he can to be Princess Leia, so he can save them. Penelope, however is more on a Sound of Music kick. Which sometimes works out for everyone and sometimes doesn't.
Me: What are you guys playing? 
Moses: The Sound of Music mixed with Darth Vader!
And really, can't we all agree that the Sound of Music needs a bit more Darth Vader? And Star Wars needs a bit more song and dance?

Penelope spent one beautiful afternoon outside swinging a kinex case in one hand and a dollhouse with handle in the other while singing, "How do you solve a problem like MARIA?!" at the top of her lungs. But sometimes she likes to sing, "How do you solve a problem like THE CHILDREN?!"

When I ask who she is, she says, "Maria! I'm going to save the children!" Which is her way of saying babysit or watch. Whenever I leave to go somewhere, she and Linus ask in a panic, "But, who is going to save us?" The answer is usually Dad.

Which reminds me... when we were watching the movie Penelope was very worried in the scene where Maria walks around in the dark alone. She kept asking why she wasn't in bed. When the Captain showed up, she asked, "Is he going to tell her to get in bed?" I said, "Yes," and she was finally able to relax.

Good thing I thought to take a picture of Penelope with this giant glass of root beer. Too bad I didn't think to ask the waiter to get her a plastic cup with lid before she spilled it all over the place. Whoops.

Moses and Herbie are no longer in the same church class, and Moses' teacher told me how pleased she was to find out how much Moses knows. Apparently, Herbie had answered all the questions before, and now Moses gets to. When I told Moses this, Herbie broke in, "I taught him most of it."
Moses (and his deep thoughts): I know what you do when we're asleep... Watch pictures of us!!
And when we are in school!
How did he know???

We got to help Moses' class with his Valentines party, and in an unrelated event... after we went swimming he yelled, "Look, Mom! I didn't drown!!"

Herbie still struggles with other people's birthdays. Especially the part where they get to unwrap their presents, but getting to help Linus set his new watch seemed to cheer him up.

He had a really great day on Saturday. First he made his bed to perfection. Then he started on his chores before anyone else and before he was even asked. Then he was on such a roll, he wanted to do a service project for some people in the ward. He settled on writing thank you/valentines cards that we delivered by bicycle yesterday. He really picked the perfect people to give them too; they were so grateful, and he felt really good.

Also, he gave a talk today that he wrote and memorized all by himself with only one reminder from me--yay! And he was thrilled to see the picture he'd drawn and sent to the Friend on the interwebs.

If anyone asks, Archie will say his favorite color is pink. I'm not sure he knows which one is pink, but I think it's great that none of his brothers and sisters have tried to talk him out of it, and he's obviously not old enough to be in school and have everyone shoot him down for liking a "girl" color. Let him like his pink for as long as possible, I say.
Marcus: Marco!
All other kids: Polo!
Archie (3 seconds later from the wall, so pleased to be a part of the game): Polo!!

Archie started tattling this week. Woo: Oh good... I guess that's an important milestone?
Woo (helping Archie repeat after him for scriptures): And it came to...
Archie: PASS!
We know Archie wants to read The Very Hungry Caterpillar when he asks for "the food one!" I think that was always my favorite part about it too.

Archie can hold onto the lowrider. No more baby carrier to the park!

Ruby came home from church with a list of ten goals she has for her life. She had some ones we've always known, like "go on a mission," and also some fun ones like "not eat too much meat." Which, really may be something she needs to watch out for. She sure does like her meat, and we probably had to tell her she'd had enough of the steak I made for Valentines Day.

Speaking of Valentines Day, Woo got me a chip maker (and some chocolate). I made potato and carrot chips for dinner which were a huge hit. In fact, the kids even ate extra asparagus spears to eat more. (Although, Linus and Herbie swear that they like asparagus anyway.)

Working at home from the couch's not always the walk in the park that you'd assume. I certainly couldn't work from two laptops.

Well, that's about it. Hope you all had a great week!



This morning I let Ruby and Herbie read a few life histories of some of our ancestors. From this Ruby gathered that it was her duty to write mine. Woo encouraged her to type it out on the iPad. It begins...
My mom chelsey was born in 1977. My dad was born two years later the year 1979. My mom and dad met in the year 1983 .My mom and dad started dating a year later in 1984. After that they got married in the Provo temple.I was born a year later in the year 2004. She was a blessing to her family. She also did. Inspire her mom and dad so much that her mom and dad diseied that they should have another baby a boy named Herbert . He was born on 2006.By now they wanted to have another child. The 3rd child was a little bald boy named named Moses...
And there are several more gems.

Woo (giving marital advice to the neighbors): If you could write yourself a letter a year after you got married, what would you say? 
Moses: Hi!
Moses came down the stairs one morning and shrieked: Oh!! A tarantula!
Me (a bit alarmed): Um... you mean a little spider, right?  
Moses (dismissively): Yeah. 

Parent teacher conference this term was not the fiasco last term was. Woo watched the younger kids, while the older kids and I went. Everyone's doing well, but Herbie's teacher really was positive. He spent the rest of the evening walking on clouds.

I couldn't find my shoes one day, and Herbie wanted to help me and suggested we pray. He said the prayer and we found them soon after. He also prayed when we couldn't get the airplay to work, so we could get music playing in the living room. Also worked soon after.

Herbie walked around on a "crutch" all morning, due to a scratch he got from a nail on the bottom of his foot yesterday. Curiously, the second we opened the door, he sprinted out and ran all the way to church without even a trace of a limp.

Archie likes to pretend he's a "bad guy" and a "doggie," but his favorite thing to pretend to be is a baby. He says "I'm a baby!" over and over again in his baby voice that he learned from the other kids, and crawls or flounces around on the ground. Someone should really tell him that he's still a baby. Archie really talks a lot, and speaks in full sentences, some of them quite complicated. If he were a 1st or 2nd child, I'd be keeping track of the size of his vocabulary, but since he isn't, I'm just going to say that I think he's right up there where Herbie was. :)

I kind of lucked out with a visiting teacher who doesn't like to make visits, but LOVES the kids, so Woo and I have been able to drop the youngest three off over there while we go to the temple in exchange for being visit taught. It's one of the highlights of Linus and Penelope's life. Linus loves to mop and dust her house with her cleaning tools. And she's won Penelope's heart with her Hermione and Ninja Turtle costumes.

The weather's been very warm and rainy, but rain here still means snow in the mountains, and Woo went snowboarding a couple times this week. After working double or triple overtime last week, he scaled back to only 50 or so hours this week.

My testimony seemed to have made an impression on all of the kids, because--Hey! Legos!!

Well, that's our week. Hope you all had a great one!