Ruby works best while singing. Usually she'll sing a real song, but this week she came up with her own motivational tune:
1-2-3 til you're done. You can fun--when you're done! 
She must rub her blanket back and forth over her head while she sleeps.

Our kids are in the minority here. They tell us all their friends want to go to Utah State.
Herbie: I want to go to BYU.
Ruby: I want to go to BYU too.
Linus: Are there beautiful girls there? 
Which is the most important consideration.

Herbie's friends at school have formed a club-- The Brotatoes. Is that a thing or something, and I've just never heard of it?

Today Herbie and Moses played a game where they fought for the hand of the princess (Penelope) in marriage.
Moses: Every girl in town's in love with me!
Herbie: But I'm the most handsome! 
Penelope's preferences were not considered. I hope this isn't setting anyone up for unrealistic expectations later in life...

Later, Herbie decided to fight for Princess Ruby, who refused to play along, which made Herbie mad. He said that according to the game rules she HAD to agree to marry him, but Ruby kept saying she wanted to marry Archie.

Moses spent some time upstairs running back and forth between his room and the bathroom mirror to come up with this ridiculous outfit.

Moses: It's not ridiculous! It's awesome!! 
Linus home teaching:

Linus: I see something up there that looks like a banana!
You mean the moon?

Penelope and Archie were sick this week. When Penelope gets sick, she is no longer her independent self, but is very dependent. She cries if I don't hold her hand while going downstairs or walking across the lawn. She won't play or sit by herself. "I want to be with you!" is what she cries.

Poor Archie seems a little confused about being sick. Like he's not quite sure why things aren't working out well for him. He keeps trying to do what he always does, but with a sad, miserable look on his face.

I hope everyone realizes that Woo takes a good portion (most?) of the pictures I send in the email, and definitely all of the good ones. The ones he doesn't take, he's usually just told me, "Do you have your camera? We need a picture of this."

Well, that's it for this week. Hope you had a good one!