This morning I let Ruby and Herbie read a few life histories of some of our ancestors. From this Ruby gathered that it was her duty to write mine. Woo encouraged her to type it out on the iPad. It begins...
My mom chelsey was born in 1977. My dad was born two years later the year 1979. My mom and dad met in the year 1983 .My mom and dad started dating a year later in 1984. After that they got married in the Provo temple.I was born a year later in the year 2004. She was a blessing to her family. She also did. Inspire her mom and dad so much that her mom and dad diseied that they should have another baby a boy named Herbert . He was born on 2006.By now they wanted to have another child. The 3rd child was a little bald boy named named Moses...
And there are several more gems.

Woo (giving marital advice to the neighbors): If you could write yourself a letter a year after you got married, what would you say? 
Moses: Hi!
Moses came down the stairs one morning and shrieked: Oh!! A tarantula!
Me (a bit alarmed): Um... you mean a little spider, right?  
Moses (dismissively): Yeah. 

Parent teacher conference this term was not the fiasco last term was. Woo watched the younger kids, while the older kids and I went. Everyone's doing well, but Herbie's teacher really was positive. He spent the rest of the evening walking on clouds.

I couldn't find my shoes one day, and Herbie wanted to help me and suggested we pray. He said the prayer and we found them soon after. He also prayed when we couldn't get the airplay to work, so we could get music playing in the living room. Also worked soon after.

Herbie walked around on a "crutch" all morning, due to a scratch he got from a nail on the bottom of his foot yesterday. Curiously, the second we opened the door, he sprinted out and ran all the way to church without even a trace of a limp.

Archie likes to pretend he's a "bad guy" and a "doggie," but his favorite thing to pretend to be is a baby. He says "I'm a baby!" over and over again in his baby voice that he learned from the other kids, and crawls or flounces around on the ground. Someone should really tell him that he's still a baby. Archie really talks a lot, and speaks in full sentences, some of them quite complicated. If he were a 1st or 2nd child, I'd be keeping track of the size of his vocabulary, but since he isn't, I'm just going to say that I think he's right up there where Herbie was. :)

I kind of lucked out with a visiting teacher who doesn't like to make visits, but LOVES the kids, so Woo and I have been able to drop the youngest three off over there while we go to the temple in exchange for being visit taught. It's one of the highlights of Linus and Penelope's life. Linus loves to mop and dust her house with her cleaning tools. And she's won Penelope's heart with her Hermione and Ninja Turtle costumes.

The weather's been very warm and rainy, but rain here still means snow in the mountains, and Woo went snowboarding a couple times this week. After working double or triple overtime last week, he scaled back to only 50 or so hours this week.

My testimony seemed to have made an impression on all of the kids, because--Hey! Legos!!

Well, that's our week. Hope you all had a great one!