This was a week of highs and lows. I was sick for a couple of days at the beginning of the week, which rarely happens, but really works a number on my attitude when it does. I have to work really hard to remind myself that all the bad things I'm thinking or feeling are not really true. The sun will shine again, so to speak, as soon as I feel better. And it always does.

One of those mornings I woke up, looked at my phone and I was staring at 1 Thessalonians 2:20. I knew in that moment that it was a message from my Heavenly parents to me and I cried. Then I wanted my children to know I felt that way about them, but they are even more valued by their Heavenly parents, so that's the scripture we've been memorizing this week. Definitely the easiest one we've ever done :).

My awesome visiting teacher took the three little kids to the children's museum while Woo and I went to the temple. It was perfect because a) the children's museum is literally just across the street from the temple, b) they were doing a special Curious George theme which all my kids love, and c) she took us all to lunch afterwards.

Taking the kids to the beach right after taking baths isn't the best idea I've ever had, but the kids sure cleaned the house fast to be able to go. We've all missed it.

From one of Linus' prayers this week: Thank you that I could be cold, and that I could not have a blanket, and that I could not be whining about it...

And him repeating scripture: Blessed are ye because of your face ... (faith)

Our first graders always write an essay about what they would do if they were President, which my kids always interpret into what they would do if they could do whatever they want (which is all the President does, obviously).

Here's Moses' transcript:

If I were president. I would invite Mis coy, Elijah, Nathan. I would eat raman noodles and broccoli soup. I would swim in the white house. I would build fires for people. I like presidents.
Moses: The teachers at school were singing songs from the Sound of Music. 
Me: Oh yeah? Cool. 
Moses (confused): But how do they know them? 

Here's Archie regretting that he'd gone for height over function.

The expression on Archie's face when he's thinking or asking questions often flashes me back to two year old Herbie.

Poor Penelope has had a very persistent runny nose for maybe two weeks now. I really wish it would go away. She's learned how to make her and Archie's beds, and also how to sneak band-aids. I've been finding a lot of band-aid wrappers on her bedroom floor. I think they're all going around her ankles.

One of Ruby's favorite past times these days is drawing comics. Her latest is a Michael Vey fan fic piece. She's wanted to grow her hair out for a long time, but today when I was helping her get the worst tangles out, and I mentioned we should cut her hair, she agreed. Conference weekend couldn't come soon enough. Everyone in the family needs a haircut.

Herbie's class gets to make cars out of cardboard and watch a movie while sitting in them (like a drive in) for reading 800 minutes. He's been trying to save every box we have for this purpose. We keep telling him, we have plenty of diaper boxes for him to use, but he hasn't been too excited about them, for some reason. He also has a couple of boxes by his bed that he's rigged up as a bedside table, but then he hung them off the side of the bunkbed somehow for Moses to use them.

Woo and I got started scanning in Grandma's photos last night. There are some real treasures in there. I went to bed grateful that I'd married a good man who loves to preserve and take photos for posterity, and who follows the promptings of the Holy Ghost. I honestly never would've thought to ask Grandma for them. But I am grateful that Woo and I can do it. I'm excited to share it all when we're done.

Well, that's all for this week. Hope you have a good one.