Usually Woo takes Herbie to pack meeting while I get the other kids in bed. But lately, Herbie has been asking that I take him, and Tuesday he got his chance. Little did he know that Mom is an introvert and that for me, hell is made up of back-to-back pack meetings and other similar affairs where people mingle and chat and (I assume) have a good time.

I made him leave the second (literally) that the closing prayer was said and he'd gotten his treat. After he got over his initial shock, he was really a good sport about it. He said something like, "I think I'm happier today because I got home earlier and got more sleep." But, I think he was just trying to make the best of a bad situation because he also said, "I'm going to let Dad take me to pack meeting next time."

Ruby got the sickness I got last week--she was complaining about aches and a headache, but it only lasts two days or less, so it's not the worst thing in the world. She got a blessing and took some medicine and was fine. Woo took her on a hike for her Daddy Day and she finished off the last of the mint brownies Woo got us for St. Patricks Day. I think it was a good week for her.

We spent a lot of time outside. We went to the park and on a few bike rides and walks. We planted the plum tree Woo bought.

Moses (riding past a vast, empty field): That would be a good wrestling field for Herbie and me... If it had more cactuses...

Moses gave a talk (on the prophet Moses) that we forgot about until yesterday, but he wrote himself and then memorized. It's hardly any work at all for me anymore with those older kids, for which I'm grateful.

Linus doesn't care that it's warmer outside. It seems he spent all week in either double pajamas and a bathrobe or his tuxedo with tails. The high school had prom last night, and one of the boys let Linus borrow his top hat and cane for a picture.

Moses was not impressed. When I explained what prom was he asked if he could stay home from school that day. I said, "Fine with me!"

On one of our walks, the kids found some thin strips of wood, which they wanted me to hold so they could karate chop them. Naturally, I launched into this long and boring tale...

"One time when I was in karate someone brought in some boards to break. They asked me to go first, and I kicked and I kicked, but I could not break that board. All the other kids were breaking theirs...

Eventually, when it was clear I had failed, some adult tried mine, then another. It turns out that board had a knot or something in the middle, making it nearly impossible to break.

So you can understand, kids, why your mother has somewhat bitter feelings towards breaking boards..."

That's the only time I remember them ever bringing in boards. So, in all my ten years of karate, I never successfully broke a board. Sniff, sniff.

Poor Archie feels like his head is being pulled off every time we take off his shirt: That shirt hurt me! That bad guy shirt hurt me!

He had his last quarterly well-child visit (yay!!!!!!), and he's healthy, if small. Like all the kids have been.

Possibly the most memorable event of the week was when the washing machine overflowed and water spilled into the basement, the laundry room floor, and into the heating ducts. Lots of fun for Woo.

Penelope is fascinated with babies. A really cute and fat baby sat behind us in church that she wanted to stare at the entire time, and she lucked out when she got to "hold" this new born baby. Her own baby now gets to take naps out on the porch and the trampoline in the sun.

Well, that's it for the week. Woo is telling me I need to be done. Hope you all had a great week!