All Woo's dreams came true this week, when we were dumped with a ton of snow. He went snowboarding three (four?) days in a row, and was quite sore most of them. This week alone made his pass for the year worth it. He even finally found someone fun for him to go with, another work-from-home software guy, who is enjoyable and about his skill level.

He even has a boy, Elijah, in Mosey's class, so Moses got to go one afternoon after school with them. They're best friends now, of course. Elijah's mother told us that some big kids (2nd graders) took Elijah's ball one recess, and that Moses confronted the big kids and got it back. We were very proud when we heard that story, because Moses often has a hard time speaking up, but when Moses told us he prayed for help before that, we were even more proud.

I'll stick this in here? Moses (reminiscing about the dentist): They made my mouth yum.

Vivint provides lunch for Woo when he goes down to work. Because he only goes in once a week, he has lots of extra tickets and often invites some of his family to eat lunch with him. This week, he had Grandma Marva and Bruce, in exchange for Grandma giving us a lot of pictures and documents to digitize. Woo's the one who felt like this really needed to get done (He's the picture man, remember?), and coincidentally (????) I just finished entering all the family histories I have into FamilySearch, so we're both ready to dig into this. (Thanks, Grandma!)

I also wrote an incredible amount on my book this week, without spending any extra time. I've got about two and a half chapters left, before I'll take a break and *hopefully* a final round of editing. Then, if I don't have to write the whole thing over again, I'll get feedback (which will lead to more editing).

I'm sorry... I know everyone's writing a novel, and that they're all lame, but I can't help being excited about this. Sometimes really excited.

Linus already has his outfit picked out for the first day of kindergarten. He asked me, "Can I wear this all the days? All the days until I go?"

He spent a quiet morning carefully constructing a folder to hold all his homework and asked, "Am I going to be the only kid in my kindergarten class who already has a folder?"

Penelope got to pick the movie this week. She picked Curly Top and afterwards she and Linus ran around pretending to be Curly Temple, Shirley Top and Mary. Penelope was very accurately mimicking Shirley Temple's eye widening, smiling and hand gestures.

Herbie generously gave all the younger kids piggyback rides around the room. Archie was less excited about them than others.

Ruby and Herbie argued almost everyday about who got to read the Michael Vey book they got from Aunt Moley (Woo's sister). They worked out a deal at one point where Herbie could read it on the bus and Ruby could read it after school, but that broke down when Herbie refused to hand it over when he got home. I think Herbie finally finished, but it continued to be a problem when Ruby snuck up to her room to read instead of doing her Saturday chores.

We went on a family walk for the first time in ages without a stroller because Archie can keep up with our strolling. Of course he wanted to climb all the mounds of snow and splash in all the puddles. He loved running through a bunch of bushes so much, that he didn't even care that we were leaving him, he was going to do it again.

Here's a bonus picture of Penelope. I hope you all had a great week!

Here's an old memory I haven't had in awhile:

I'm eight years old, riding around the block, when a boy and girl I don't know, run into the road, yelling and shouting and trying to hit me. I sprint home. They yell until I'm out of sight.

When I get home and tell everyone what happened, Tyson says, "Oh yeah. They're new. I told them you were mean and to hit you if they saw you."

Thanks, Tys.

I think Mom made Tyson go over and tell them he was wrong; they should be my friends. And they came over to play, acting as if I'd been the jerk all along and they were so happy I'd changed so we could be friends now.

Woo says it's all just testament to Tyson's persuasive social powers.