Woo and Herbie went for a bike ride for Herbie's Daddy Day. Herbie found a Superman crest that some kid had sculpted out of clay and written their name on the back.
Herbie: Hey! It says Brian! That's Superman's real name!
This happened seconds after Herbie decided to ride one-handed and yell, "Hey! It's smooth here!"

Okay, so maybe it's painfully obvious that Herbie's car for his class "drive in" party wasn't his parents 1st (or even 31st) priority, but at least he had fun with all that duct tape.

Ruby's grade had their Utah history program. Who knew their were so many songs about Utah? I didn't. Woo knew the song about Promontory Point, but I'd never heard a single one.

Maybe that's because I had Mr. Asbury, whose passions were, well, anything competitive... the spelling bee, multiplication tables, practicing how to pass a baton so we could dominate the 4th grade 400m relay... He was one of my favorites actually.

The next day Ruby came home exhausted. When I inquired why she could barely think to talk, but said they'd run the "long" way for their daily mile. And she'd won. Both ways.
Me: You won the whole fourth grade or just your class? 
Ruby: The whole fourth grade.
Linus: Mom! 1869! Do you know where I learned that from? Ruby's program! 
And he keeps repeating "1869" like it means something. (Ok, so it does. Is that golden spike?)

Linus made a new friend at the park today. A girl. And I think he thought he was making a good impression. He probably was, with a few hiccups.
Girl: Why are you wearing pajamas?! 
Linus: Cuz.
And then he did a few of his favorite tricks around the playground yelling, "Look, Friend!" and "I can climb a tree!" before he walked in front of Penelope on the swing and she hit his nose and he burst into uncontrollable tears.

Penelope: I was talking to Heavenly Father to be able to get in the blue swing and than I did it!!
Two milestones with one stone.

Moses: My favorite letters are B, E and M. 
Me: The M is for Moses. What are the other letters?  
Moses: B is for blue and E is for Elijah-- 
Herbie (interrupting): And Emory, his girlfriend!  
(Moses breaks out into a big smile.) 
Me: Ah, the real reason for the E...  
Woo wanted to take all the little kids snowboarding on a nice, warm day before the resort closes. So I sat on the deck in the sun while they all took turns. Jury's still out on whether Archie had fun or not. He didn't say much, but once when Penelope asked if he liked snowboarding he said, "Uh huh."

Archie calls me Grandma a lot. Mostly because Penelope's favorite game is for her to be Mom, me to be Grandma and Archie to be her baby. But, it's always tricky to know what to call Archie. And I think he changes it, just so he can say "No," followed by "I baby" or "I big kid" or, sometimes, "I Mom."

Woo had a few rough days in a row. On the worst day he finally just got off the couch and trudged out of the house in the spring sunshine carrying a rake. Then he raked leaves at the rental. When he got back and sat down to work again, he found out he'd gotten a raise. Suddenly his day was a little brighter.

I finished the my last chapter this week. Woo's been helping me go over my earlier chapters which is awesome because he hates novels and has never been afraid to tell me what he really thinks. Also, he has good ideas. All assets (from my perspective) that I'm taking full advantage of.

Well, that's it for the week. Hope you had a good one!

P.S. All pictures by Woo.