This was a quiet week. Probably the biggest event was the Payson Utah Temple open house. Our Stake President owns the construction company that built the temple, so our whole Stake was invited to the pre-open house, where everyone who worked on the temple and their families/friends were invited.

We went after school and work, along with everyone else, so it was pretty crowded. I'd say it was less crowded than a regular open house, but also less organized, so I'm not sure going with us was an advantage, other than to see us and have Woo buy dinner for everyone who could at Zupas afterwards.

The temple is really big and really pretty. My favorite was probably the upper floor, which had a waiting room in the center and was surrounded entirely by sealing rooms that took full advantage of the stain glass windows on the outside.

Linus gave a talk this week, that he mostly wrote, and I read over with him three times before he had it memorized. Yay! Four kids down in the talk arena, two to go. Being in such a small primary has really worked out for my kids because they get to speak so often, and are really getting comfortable with it.

We had one day of snow before it warmed up. Of course, it was the day Moses had his Daddy Day, and Woo wanted to go for a bike ride. I think he survived.

I don't know where he learned this since we don't go on diets, and we don't drink diet coke, but maybe it's just obvious??
Moses: Herbie, you know if you go on a diet, you have to drink diet coke!

I did something pretty crazy for me... I invited another family for dinner on a school night. It was a new family with a boy in Herbie's class, so Herbie was very excited about it. The kids cleaned the house so well, it's lasted us a few days.

I'm starting to see bursts of my old energy that I haven't seen since I got pregnant with Penelope. For example, I cleaned most of the house in an hour, and the whole time I kept thinking, I remember when I cleaned like this everyday and it didn't wear me out... It felt like an old friend. Also, I'm running faster.

Woo and I watched The Imitation Game last night. Woo's a big Alan Turing fan, being a computer geek and all, and I always enjoy a biography. But, when we watched it, I think I enjoyed it more. Woo likes the facts straight. He'd much rather watch a documentary because he hates dramatization, and it's true, they bent over backwards to put in some extra conflict (as if his own life didn't have enough), and added/manipulated some things to make a "good" movie. A lot of things were pretty heavy-handed.

Ruby's class had a pizza/pajama party. Ruby came down in a pair of pajamas that didn't have a drawstring and dropped to the floor when she wasn't holding them up, then a pair that showed four inches of ankle, before I let her borrow my hotwheels pajama pants. She was very excited. I've worn them once, but it made me a hero with every single one of the kids (and my husband). They're big, but I think she's confiscated them now.

Penelope's started to wear dresses on a daily basis. I'm not sure she was aware it was allowed. She's run into a few other little girls who wear dresses or church shoes all the time, and when she finally tried it, no one told her not too.

Archie's getting a tooth. He's drooling a lot. He's also cranky. Sometimes Woo likes to sing him songs, just to hear him say, "Don't sing that! I not like that song!" even if it's normally his favorite.

Well, that's about it. Hope you had a great week!