Woo has been sick the entire week. And not just sick, but really, miserably sick. I suppose that explains the not very many, not very good pictures this week, because I didn't rise to the occasion either.

It seems, for us, a long time to be sick, but he just hasn't been able to catch a break. On Wednesday he spent the day at the elementary school teaching a class on iPhones/computers/hardware for Science Day, that normally he enjoys, but talking for four hours straight with a sore throat meant he had zero voice on Thursday. Apparently the one glimmer of light during the entire day (other than seeing his own kids at school) was one kid on the front row, who whispered loudly to his friend, "Ruby's so lucky to have a dad like that!!"

Then on Saturday, when we thought he was finally getting better, he overdid it trying to be Dad of the year--taking kids to parties, bike rides, throwing footballs in the back yard, etc., and today was as miserable as ever.

Moses rededicated himself to trying to be like Jesus, which he does periodically. But he picked possibly the worst week. The week after Spring Break isn't easy for a kid.
Moses: I'm still trying to be like Jesus. But... it's hard!! 
Me: Did you know you can pray for help to be like Jesus? And then it will be easier. 
Moses: (beaming): I didn't even think of that! Thanks, Mom!
I've watched him control his temper after Archie ruined his block creation and instead laugh and say, "Oh, you're so cute, Archie!"And help his brothers and sisters with their chores or frustrations, and also consider the important things... "Would Jesus eat a hamburger or a hotdog?"

The only thing better than an eye patch?

Two eye patches, of course.

Linus had his kindergarten shots. By which I mean, shot. It was a non-event. Other than the fact that Linus got a book from the doctor and he feels like the wheels are turning to get him closer to Kindergarten.

It was almost a disaster for me, though. Linus hadn't been to the new doctor since we changed insurance and I discovered I'd left his shot records at home. Luckily, Woo was home and could text me them in a picture. Thank you work-from-home-dad and technology.

We've seen a lot of pirate play around here since Linus attended a pirate-themed birthday party.
Penelope: Can I be a mom-pirate?  
Linus: Yes.  
Archie: Can I be a big-kid-pirate?  
Linus: Yes. 
Archie: Yay!

Herbie bore his testimony in Sacrament meeting today at Woo's encouragement. He told a story of a prayer of his that was answered (Archie to stop crying during family prayer), and did a great job. He also wore a new, blue suit that he looked great in.

Ruby spent some time at a friends Saturday, which she loved. She spent the whole way home telling me about the movie she watched and how good it was. She was very careful to tell me that she spent a lot of time outside and only watched the movie for a little bit. Today, the parents of her friend told Woo how nice it was to have Ruby over because so few kids come over and want to play and explore outside. They just want to play video games and watch movies. Story checks out.

Well, that's it for this week. Hope you had a good one!