There's one thing I've been dreading for the past six months--Moses' 7 yr old birthday party. I've learned a few things from my past failures. 1. Don't plan the party on a holiday weekend. 2. Don't only invite kids of the opposite gender of party kid. 3. Don't plan a water party before June. And so on...

Somehow we hit upon a winning success for Moses' party with a great day and time, great weather and great party idea. We had almost his entire first grade class there. And no one was more excited when it was over than me.

Moses won the monkey bars, not the long jump. And he would've won the 100m Dash, if he hadn't been afraid of breaking the tape.

He came away with an incredible amount of toys and money.
Woo: On one hand, I'm happy for you, Moses... on the other, I'm glad you don't have a party every year.
Woo was in charge of the Father's and Sons campout this year. He made reservations, made the menu, shopped for food, set up, cleaned up, etc. He did find someone else to cook and to speak.
Woo: This is going to be horrible, but the good news is they'll never ask me to do it again.
I'm sure it turned out fine.

Moses also had his first grade Show-n-Teach this week. He taught his class how to stuff their pajamas with clothes and blankets to make "body guards."

Penelope: Mom, is poop a bad word?  
Me (tired of her calling other kids that): Yes.  
Penelope (eyes wide, very serious): I never say that word to anyone. 
(A lie)
Penelope (walking away): I only said that word to the door... I go poop on the potty...  
Penelope (on the stairs, yelling): Mom! Is it ALWAYS a bad word?!
Penelope gave her first talk in Primary today. She did a great job (not perfect, but fine). There was a long pause at the end before I had to remind her to end it, "In the name of ..."
Nellpea: Archie, you want the gorilla kind!? (Vanilla)

What the kids bring home from their Trade Day is always a window into their soul. Ruby brought home a bunch of old pencils, markers, erasers and stuffed animals. Most of it looked like the dumped out contents of somebody's pencil box. She did get a feathered headband for all of her brothers and sister, which they all were excited about.

Herbie had a field trip and his class patriotic program. Holding up the letters A for Abraham Lincoln and V for Valley Forge were his big parts. Herbie NEVER sings any of the songs he learns in school at home, and he never mentions his parts or anything about it. It's always kind of a surprise to see he knows them so well, and seems to be enjoying them.

Linus has started to build some very elaborate creations with his legos and blocks. They're so big, he can't move them, but they look pretty cool on the ground. Snowmobiles, airplanes, boats, trains, trucks and trailers, tractors, and the like seem to what he likes to build. I don't know if he sets out with one of those in mind, or if he decides what it is when he's done.

Archie has been sick most of the week. He's a good sick boy. He does very little crying or whining, just walks around slowly, looking sad. His worst day was the day of Moses' party and he was such a good sport. I'm sure he was totally confused, but he just followed me around the park without complaint until he got to sit down and eat his ice cream.

Well, that's about it!