I don't have much to say. Probably because we did so many things this week, it feels too overwhelming to get into it all. I'm just going to take the pictures as my guide.

The kids loved the bridges and miniature donkeys and creek and immaculately cut lawns at Kurt's house, but they only started to do anything interesting in the "work-in-progress" parts of Kurt's yard. So that's where are all our pictures are from. Sorry, Kurt.

Even the kids could see the potential in the scrap metal and wood lying around.

Moses built a car.

Ruby a hammer.

Archie found some barbells.

Herbie concentrated on driving a nail in really well.

Linus found a bug.

And Penelope a sword.

Ruby and Woo dissected the owl pellet from Grandma June for her Daddy Day, which is right up Woo and Ruby's alley. They loved it.

And the other kids were appropriately impressed.

It's finally swimsuit and cowboy boot weather.

Or time to bust out your "cowboy" outfit, if you're Linus.

We cashed in on the kids' report cards at Krispy Kreme, and Woo played Dad of the Year, serving the kids hotdogs for dinner and letting them eat outside while I went to Rachel's baby shower.

And here's Herbie being outstanding in school (not this week, thank goodness!).

Hope your week was great!