The kids have spent many hours this week entertaining themselves by throwing each other garage sales. They each set up a pile of treasures and exchange dominoes or backgammon tiles as money. It's worked really well, with only one argument when Herbie wanted his watch back the day after selling it to Linus. Also, somehow, some deal was made where Herbie is buying Moses a new pocketknife at scout camp with his own real money.

The kids joined an impromptu soccer game in the park--girls against boys, which quickly broke down when it was clear the girls team was far superior to the boys team. Herbie was the first one back to complain about it, but he was quickly joined by Moses.
Moses: And that's why I wish I was a girl! 

While the older kids had made their friends, we tried to help Penelope make friends with a little boy about her age. We encouraged exchanging names, saying hello, etc., but negotiations quickly broke down. Then we were schooled by Linus.
Linus: Hey Nellpea! There's a boy over here! That is three! 
We'd forgotten that kids connect to new kids at the park by comparing ages. I'll just stay out of it next time.

Tyson: Do you like these cookies? They're called Cowboy Cookies... 
Taija: I have a crush on a cowboy at school named Will. 
Marcus: Yeah. But he doesn't go to church. 
Ruby: Ugh. That sucks!
Ruby: Herbie was talking about-- 
Moses (interrupting): His girlfriend! 
(Herbie looks up.)
Ruby: No-- 
Moses: He does that a lot.
(Herbie just smiles.)

Penelope kept hearing the word "mother" in all the Father's Day songs this morning, which is pretty easy to do when all your hopes and dreams revolve around the word "mother." She kept telling me, "Happy Mothers Day, Mom!"

Also, she has a new party trick, which is reciting the talk she gave a couple months ago to any adult she can get to listen. She first did it when she pulled aside the dad of a family who'd invited us to dinner, and I guess she did it a couple of times yesterday at the Fathers Day BBQ.
Nellpea (looking at the handicap signs in the parking lot): Why does it have blue pictures of people sitting on the potty?!

Archie sat very stiffly in the boat at Dipper Pond, and wore a constant concerned face, but when asked, he was very clear that he liked riding in the raft, and even went again... still stiff and concerned.

Tuesday was a fun day. The wash machine overflowed again, into the basement. It wasn't as bad as last time, since I caught it mid-load, but I still used most our rags moping up the floor and halloween buckets to collect drips.

Then after dinner, I walked down the stairs and saw water in a totally different part of the basement, far away from the washing machine. I realized it was flooding near the wall where the hose is, and ran outside. Sure enough, the hose was running right by the window (for who knows how long). I threw the kids a couple towels to clean up the mess they'd made, but I hadn't really seen the extent of the damage. I was thinking a little puddle. Turns out it was ankle deep.

The kids were good to carry up load after load of things up and out into the sun to dry. Ruby sang songs, Herbie was in his element, Woo shoveled up water with a dust pan. I told Herbie how lucky he was to have a dad, who when his kids flooded the basement, didn't swear, didn't spank and only did a little bit of yelling, which he apologized for later.

This was probably the roughest day for Woo, but everything hit me on Thursday. I was tired. After a long day of moving stuff back in (now neater and with a garbage can less junk!), returning fans to neighbors (by stroller), and every day stuff, I hopped into the shower only to find no hot water. The fans had blown out the pilot light to the water heater.

The week could only go up from there :).

Anyways, I hope you all had a great Fathers Day! I'm grateful for my dad and the sacrifices he made for me. And I'm grateful for Woo.