Nellpea (talking about getting married): I want to be thirty-ten! 
And then I'm going to be super FAT! 
Because I'm going to have a lot of babies in my belly! 
Nellpea: I want to change names. I want to be Huntsville House. I don't like Nellpea.  
Me: Ok.  
Nellpea: No. I actually like Nellpea.  
Mom! I actually like Nellpea!
Herbie had a good week. How could it not be? It had the day he's been looking forward to all summer--scout camp.  Not even getting sunblock in his eye on arrival and crying from it the first half of the day could deter him. Shooting BB guns was his favorite activity.

This week Herbie got the guts to go off the slide and swim to the wall in the deep end. I was very surprised to see that he sits very high in the water and has a nice stroke with a powerful kick, until he has to breathe. Breathing easily continues to be a struggle for everyone.

Grandma came to plant flowers. Every kid except Herbie had a melt down at some point. Here's Moses, sad, because he didn't get a car.

But Moses did have a shining moment of glory this week. Linus was in a surly, bad mood, and Moses decided to be a peacemaker. He gave Linus some toys, said some kind things to him, and completely turned Linus' mood around. For an entire day Linus and Moses did everything together as best friends. And they're still getting along.

Moses wrote a get well card today. He spelled the word "better" as "deder," which when read out loud said, "I hope you're feeling deader."

I'm a bit paranoid with our library books, after having to buy too many in years past. The books live in my room and the kids have to show me their hands before I'll let them take one. Linus is by far the most careful. He washes his hands every single time, dries them carefully, and then comes to me to make sure they're completely dry and clean.

Ruby is burning through books. Part of me thinks she can't be reading that fast, but whenever I ask her the story, she knows it. Maybe she's just a natural speed reader. She's been very excited about her shark shorts Grandma brought her, and has showed them off to anyone and everyone.
Ruby: Herbie, you're such a newton!
I think she was going for nuisance.

Last week in church, Ruby, Herbie, Moses, Linus, and Penelope, who are in Primary, stood up in church to sing songs to the fathers. Archie isn't old enough, but when the other kids stood up, Archie scrambled off the bench, "I'm going too." I figured he'd be fine, and he was, standing up there, staring at the congregation, just as well as any sunbeam.

Archie is happy with repetition. He spent many minutes blowing this feather, giggling, blowing, giggling, blowing and so on. At the pool, by far his favorite thing to do is throw toys in. I parked myself in the shallows below him and placed stuff back on deck as he threw them in the water, over and over again.

Woo's diverted trail project took him to Park City to present at a meeting of the State Transportation Department. Actually, some other guy made the presentation. Woo stood up at the end and told jokes. Then they left.

Woo also caught a skunk. In his reluctance to actually catch one, he'd quit checking the trap, and after a week, sent Herbie who said there was a skunk in it. And it was dead. So Woo didn't actually have to witness the death, but felt guilty about it being less humane on the skunk... Cleaning out the trap was no fun either. No wonder people hire this one out.

Well, that's it. Congrats to Tyson and Rachel on baby! Hope everyone had a great week!