This week was both a fallout week and a recovery week. We've been doing a lot of driving the last few weeks, and there have been a lot of late nights. Thursday and Friday I kept feeling like I couldn't keep my head up for air, but I'm recovered now. Even if the kids and Woo aren't fully there yet.

Part of Woo's problem is that his life continues to be stressful. There's work. And then there was his debut before the County Commissioners concerning a public access road up here. It didn't raise his opinion of politicians. Or lawyers. Also, the rental has a family of four skunks that he's half-heartedly been trying to trap. The problem is if he catches them, there's an "extermination" he's dreading. Especially since three of them are babies and pretty cute, even if they are skunks.

Still, he's managed to go swimming with us twice a week, which has already done wonders for the kids swimming skills. Moses can float! He has a pretty great front glide, and could probably swim pretty far, if getting a breath weren't still a problem. Maybe he'll get it in the next week or so.

Archie would be doing a lot better in the pool if he weren't terrified of the drains on the bottom. About once every time we go, he'll get brave and start splashing out in the water, but then he'll get to the drain, cry, run back and out of the pool, and not get in again.

And Linus found a penny, which he put in the safest place imaginable.

Sometimes it's fun to think about how far I've come...
Linus: Is that how you tie your shoes, Mom? That's very good!  
Me: Thank you, Linus. I've been doing it for 33 years now.

For a while there Penelope started saying she was the best mom in the whole wide world. I was thrilled, for a time, to be the mother of the best mom in the whole wide world, but we've settled into a new routine that we do almost every day before naps.
Penelope: You're the best mom in the world! 
Me: You're the best Nellpea in the world! 
Penelope: I love you! 
Me: I love you too!
I have to say my part word for word, and I can't start first or Penelope gets upset and we have to start over.

The closest Penelope can get to the name Buckwalter:
Are we going to the Bookmarks?!

Ruby won the raffle for her age group at the library's summer reading program activity. Which we expected. We've been going to these for a few years, and we have six kids. One of them almost always wins a raffle. They get a bag full of goodies like stickers, bookmarks, treats, a few books, trinkets, etc. One book Ruby got was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which had a golden ticket on the first page.
Ruby: It's a National Golden Ticket Sweepstack!!!
One Family Home Evening tradition we have is an "Awards Ceremony" at the end of school. We announce something each member of the family has mastered that year, everyone claps, and they get a gift. This year most of the kids got science kits. Here's Herbie panning for gold with his. It was one of the most popular.

Speaking of gold, Ruby and Herbie have tried to start two businesses this summer and have drafted flyers. The first is for dyers woad removal (an invasive weed around these parts), which they actually earned $12 for, and the second is a soccer training camp for elementary school kids. Ruby and Herbie are the "experts." So far, no takers.

Oh, and we finally got Herbie some new flip flops.

Well, that's about it for the week! Hope yours was great!